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    23 Seriously Sexy Photos Of Bread That Are Borderline Erotic

    These racy rolls will treat you better than your ex ever did.

    1. These three stunners may as well be in lingerie.

    2. And this plaited loaf is beyond sensual.

    3. Each one of these loaves could fulfil your every desire.

    4. This leopard print fantasy is for mature audiences only.

    5. Oh baby, this seeded bread is sexual as fuck.

    6. And so is this little buttered number.

    7. This one's got it all, carbs and protein.

    8. These golden brown twists are honestly too good for this world.

    9. These rolls are serving barely-baked realness.

    10. This plaited loaf should be classed as erotica.

    11. This sandwich of dreams is giving a come-hither look.

    12. This symmetrical roll is seriously ridiculously sexy.

    13. This sourdough wants you to come to bed.

    14. And this loaf is actually R-rated.

    15. This loaf of beauty is genuinely a culinary masterpiece.

    16. Hey baby, dough you wanna get down and dirty tonight?

    17. This nutty loaf is talented in the art of seduction.

    18. This sliced loaf is reaching new levels of sensuality.

    19. Just look at the curves on these little delights.

    20. These knotted rolls are whispering "come hither".

    21. This is without a doubt the most titillating braided garlic bread in the world.

    22. These racy rolls will treat you better than your ex-boyfriend ever could.

    23. Honestly, every single loaf is a gift to earth that must be cherished at all cost.

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