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    23 Incredible Women Gamers Who You Really Need To Watch

    Who run the world? Gamers.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favourite girl gamers, here are their faves:

    1. Deligracy

    2. Immasamurai

    Twitter: @immasamurai

    "I'd have to go with Immasamurai. She and her Twitch community are so warm and welcoming, she always finds time to chat with her viewers and get to know them, and she's such a fun streamer to watch (especially playing Fortnite) and easily one of the sweetest streamers on Twitch."


    3. Lindsay Jones

    4. Geguri

    Twitter: @Geguri2

    "Geguri! She’s such a badass Zarya player and is so good that people accused her of using an aimbot. And now she’s the first female player on an Overwatch League team. She’s amazing and I hope to see more female gamers on OWL teams in the near future."


    5. Gloom

    6. Kisses4katie

    7. Malena0202

    8. LadyLuckHerself

    9. LoserFruit

    10. LaurenzSide

    11. ImSarahDaniels

    12. EeveeA

    "Eeveea for coming out publicly while being well established in one of the most toxic industries ever."


    13. Annemunition

    14. Kaypea

    15. Mischacrossing

    16. Haylinic

    17. Optic Midnite

    18. Lucahjin

    19. Valkyrae

    20. Mari and Stacy

    21. Kpopp

    22. TheRPGMinx

    23. Mari Takahashi

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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