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36 Little Wins Every Shit Adult Has Had

When you catch your own spider, even if it did take a 30 minute motivational talk and a whole lot of screaming.

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1. When you actually wake up the sixth time your alarm has gone off rather than the seventh.

2. And when you get up and you shockingly know what you want to wear, instead of trying on 18747 different outfits.

3. When you actually reply to a message when you receive it.

4. When you do the washing up before it’s congealed in the pan, that’s a real win.

5. When you order a taxi that isn’t just for everyone after a night out but like to get somewhere important.

6. And when you manage to hold a conversation with the taxi driver for the whole journey.

7. When you clean your place even though you don’t have a guest coming.

8. And when you clean the loo, not because you’ve had the shits but just because it needs doing.

9. When you drop food on yourself and you at least hesitate before licking it off your clothes.

10. When you book a doctors appointment for yourself and feel like a real grown up reading a magazine in the waiting area.

11. When you follow a recipe from start to finish and it turns out pretty good.

12. And then when you cook that recipe every single night because it is now your favourite dish and the best thing you can make.

13. When you pay a bill before it’s due, even if it’s only one minute early you still feel like you’re adulting hard.

14. When you make it through a whole day without thinking about adopting 11 dogs and running a cute dog sanctuary.

15. And when you get on the bus and actually read or do something productive instead of imagining you’re filming a music video for your incredibly illustrious pop career.

16. When you make it through a whole day without crying about something absurd like a cute cat video.

17. When you add an egg to your instant ramen so that you’re basically a genius gourmet chef now.

18. When you don’t just buy a reduced birthday cake from the supermarket for dinner, and instead have an actual meal, like beans on toast or something.

19. And when you go shopping and manage to wait in the queue without buying some more junk you don’t need.

20. When you tell people your real age instead of saying you’re 16 to get a child’s ticket.

21. When you finally get around to googling what a mortgage is, you don’t get one or sort your finances out but you do understand it a little more.

22. When you clean your mirror.

23. And when you empty the hoover.

24. When you only have cereal for dinner once in a week.

25. When you get a loyalty card for a shop and actually save up the points rather than forgetting you have it every time.

26. When you stop yourself from eating crisps in bed because of the consequences of crumbs in your bed, that is real adulting.

27. When you’re sitting at a restaurant and manage to resist playing with the candle wax for at least 20 minutes.

28. When something goes wrong and you sort it out BEFORE hysterically crying on the phone to your mum, instead of doing it after.

29. When you eat the end slices of a loaf of bread and don't mind it.

30. And when you eat fruit and nut chocolate and like it.

31. When new things for your kitchen thrill you a little bit and getting a new set of knives is the most exciting thing to happen in your week.

32. When you catch your own spiders, even if it did take a 30 minute motivational talk and a whole lot of screaming.

33. When you look at the weather before leaving the house and manage to dress weather appropriate.

34. When you manage to open a bottle of champagne without causing widespread devastation.

35. When you choose something healthy, not because you were told to by your mum but because you shockingly enjoy the taste.

36. When you realise that no one else knows what they’re doing either and everyone is just trying their hardest to look grown up.