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23 Photos That Prove Makeup Is The Purest Art Form

True talent is using your eyelids as a canvas.

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2. And this incredible 3D black cat.

3. This rainbow artwork should be in the MoMA.

4. Along with this vibrant aqua dream.

Instagram: @makeup_maven

5. This cosmic gem is spectacular.

Instagram: @ivykungu

7. Just look at this botanical beauty.

Instagram: @stjima

9. This Corpse Bride scene is just incredible.

Instagram: @tal_peleg

10. And so is this intricate Nightmare Before Christmas look.

Instagram: @mitchcraftmua

11. This eyelid art is gonna catch ’em all.

Instagram: @lucinda212

13. This complex patterned lid.

Instagram: @mimles

14. And this one that takes pointillism to the extreme.

Instagram: @familyg0retrait

15. These designs prove the existence of unicorns.

Instagram: @lucinda212

17. Get in the halloween spirit with this candy corn look.

Instagram: @angievictoriah

18. Or maybe with this ghostly glamour.

Instagram: @glowawaymeg

19. This omamori doll is everything.

Instagram: @lucinda212

21. Just look at this bubble liner artistry.

Instagram: @beautsoup

22. This whimsical scene from Peter Pan.

Instagram: @cosmaddictmakeup

23. And this incredible Wizard of Oz masterpiece.

Instagram: @tal_peleg