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    23 Photos That Prove Makeup Is The Purest Art Form

    True talent is using your eyelids as a canvas.

    1. This Harry Potter masterpiece.

    2. And this incredible 3D black cat.

    3. This rainbow artwork should be in the MoMA.

    4. Along with this vibrant aqua dream.

    5. This cosmic gem is spectacular.

    6. This threatening eyelid art.

    7. Just look at this botanical beauty.

    8. And this floral elegance.

    9. This Corpse Bride scene is just incredible.

    10. And so is this intricate Nightmare Before Christmas look.

    11. This eyelid art is gonna catch ’em all.

    12. This rain cloud art.

    13. This complex patterned lid.

    14. And this one that takes pointillism to the extreme.

    15. These designs prove the existence of unicorns.

    16. And this jellyfish masterpiece.

    17. Get in the halloween spirit with this candy corn look.

    18. Or maybe with this ghostly glamour.

    19. This omamori doll is everything.

    20. And so is this Wicked art.

    21. Just look at this bubble liner artistry.

    22. This whimsical scene from Peter Pan.

    23. And this incredible Wizard of Oz masterpiece.