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    23 Of The Most Enjoyable "Strictly Come Dancing" Moments Ever

    All hail fake tan.

    1. When John Sergeant showed us all what a aso doble is really about.

    2. When Ola and Ashley pulled off this stunt and the whole nation gasped.

    3. When Claudia had no respect for Tess' boundaries.

    4. And proved that subtlety really isn't her strong point.

    5. When Darcey broke out of her ballerina poise and wiggled for the world.

    6. The heartbreaking moment when Karen and Mark got tangled in their mics and had to stop their dance.

    7. Everytime Bruno gets over-passionate and has to stand up.

    8. When Jay and Aliona blew us away with their jive.

    9. When Russell Grant was shot out of a cannon at Wembley.

    10. Basically every single Russell Grant moment.

    11. When Scott Mills took method acting to a whole new level.

    12. When Flavia and Louis did this iconic lift.

    13. When Anne Widdecombe flew instead of dancing.

    14. In fact she spent most of her time in the air.

    15. When Helen George was all of us.

    16. When Jake Wood let his hips do the talking.

    17. When the judges did Gangnam Style.

    18. When Bruno laughed so hard he fell off his chair.

    19. When Bruce and Anton did a duet and the whole country melted.

    20. And when Bruce tap danced his way into our hearts, again.

    21. When Matt Baker showcased his gymnastic skills.

    22. When Robbie Savage did the knee slide of dreams.

    23. And of course, when Ed Balls debuted his moves.