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18 Jokes About The Birmingham Accent That Clearly Stem From Jealousy

Tbh everyone wishes they spoke like us.

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2. There are plenty of accents that would cause you this physical pain, but the beautiful tones of a Brummie would not.

when you're walking and you accidentally hear a Birmingham accent

4. Perhaps you're all just mad that it's the second city...

What's worse, the Manchester accent or the Birmingham accent?


6. Of course the jealousy could also come from the fact that Birmingham has two of the country's oldest professional football teams.

When you shake hands with people from Birmingham


9. It is actually the best accent in the world and is not at all, in any way, like a kick in the balls.

If a kick in the baws had an accent, it'd be a Brummy accent.

11. Everything about the accent is beautiful.

is there anything worse than a strong brummy accent AND when they say like after every single sentence


14. Legend has it that speaking with a Brummie accent has miraculously healed those that even doctors couldn't save.

nah Birmingham accents are so peasanty I can acc hear the industrial revolution when they speak just bare tractors

16. And for your sake I hope this is not true.

I would rather have chlamydia than a Birmingham accent

18. Basically, you can stop playing hard to get, we know you want this accent.

I think I would choose genital warts over a Birmingham accent