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17 Giant Mugs You Need If You're Thirsty AF

Sometimes size DOES matter.

1. This overwhelmingly lovely sloth mug.

2. This actually ridiculously giant mammoth mug.

3. This adorable panda mug.

4. This classic glazed blue mug.

5. This super fun rainbow mug.

6. This elegant jumbo floral mug.

7. This incredibly foxy mug.

8. This illustrated Aries mug.

9. This bitchy bucket mug.

10. This enormous Gilmore Girls mug.

11. This very glamorous copper mug.

12. This charming Moomin mug.

13. This delicious doughnut mug.

14. This very bright hedgehog mug.

15. This mug with a cosy knitted jumper.

16. This gorgeous stripy mug.

17. This romantic mug.