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    25 Semi-Petty Annoyances That Drive Y'all Totally Crazy

    The pettiest of peeves that we just can't let go of.

    We recently posted an article where people shared the pettiest, most meaningless hills they're still willing to die on.

    And you, lovely BuzzFeed readers, had a bunch to add to the list. While the infractions range from slight to serious, it's clear that a little consideration goes a long way in helping maintain sanity on the daily.

    Check out the top responses below!

    1. "People being on their devices in the middle of a conversation and then taking 20 seconds to answer."

    A person holding a phone up and smirking

    2. "Cars that ride your bumper on the freeway."


    3. "People who go out as groups of three or more, and walk around the shops three abreast, with prams and trolleys in the mix."

    "I get that you want to talk to each other, but you're taking up every bit of walking space for other people and (usually) walking too slowly for anyone to go around you."


    4. "I hate when people leave an empty toilet paper roll or leave just one square of tissue on there."

    Toilet paper roll near the end of its life on a colored background

    5. "Not closing lids on shampoo/soap bottles drives me nuts!"


    6. "People who write 'apart' when they mean 'a part.'”

    7. "Put your damn cart in the return at the grocery store! It will take you less than a minute! Stop being so freaking lazy!"

    A shopping cart in the middle of a parking lot

    8. "It’s could/should/would HAVE. Not OF. That doesn’t even make sense. I don’t care about any excuse like, 'Oh, it sounds like could of/could’ve,' just NO."

    "It’s a major pet peeve."


    9. "My wife slams the car door every time she gets in or out. I mean a full-out, practically break-the-door slam. Drives me absolutely nuts, and we have had huge arguments over it. She thinks the door will not fully close if she doesn’t put all her muscle into it."

    A person getting out of the passenger side of a car

    10. "Don't leave just a sip of something in a bottle and put it back in the fridge."

    A person drinking from a half-full bottle of water

    11. "This is only seen as a minor 'petty' thing to able-bodied people, but don't use the God damned accessible parking spot or sit in the accessible seats at a movie theater."

    "I went into a mildly full theater where two able-bodied teenagers without anyone with a mobility aid with them flat-out refused to move so my care person could sit next to me in my wheelchair at the movies. Someone accompanying his mother with a cane moved instead, and he was actually SUPPOSED to be in those seats! Those seats aren't just there for disabled people to have friends sit next to them; many disabled people, myself included, need assistance 24/7. It's just God damned manners to understand that and not just abuse the fucking system."


    12. "File to single file when you're walking across the hallway and someone is coming in the opposite direction. Sorry, I exist too, you privileged bitch."


    13. "Leaving dishes on the counter NEXT to the sink rather than in them (when their lazy ass is finally power-nagged into cleaning the dirty dishes that they left everywhere)."

    Dishes piled high in a sink

    14. "'Awe' and 'aww' are two different things!"


    15. "'My head literally exploded!' 'I literally died when he did that.' 'Lol I literally just crapped myself laughing.' Etc. Etc. Ad infinitum."

    "The worst thing of all is that people misuse ‘literally’ so much the dictionary definition is changing so that it means both ‘literally’ and ‘not literally!’ Now, language is fluid; the meaning of words will always evolve, and I am all for that. But not when it’s because stoopid people are using good words wrong."


    16. "Keep to the right when standing on the escalator! The left side is for those who are in a hurry."

    View of both the up and down escalator peppered with people standing to the right from the London tube

    17. "If you’re in the left/fast lane on the interstate and cars are behind you, freaking MOVE."

    A four lane highway with cars traveling in opposite directions

    18. "It's nu-cle-ar, not nu-cu-lar."

    "You're killing me, people."


    19. "In the same vein, people who spell it 'jewlery' instead of 'jewelry' or say 're-la-tor' instead of 'real-tor.'"



    20. "I hate when someone is cooking and places the pan handle outwards instead of to the side."

    A pan with pieces of skinless chicken in it topped with a wooden spatula, handle facing forward off the stove

    21. "It’s Chipotle not Chipolte GAH."


    22. "I hate when people don’t pay attention to’s kind of silly, but it just gets to me every time!!"



    23. "If there are several clean stalls in a public restroom, don’t choose the one next to me. Just don’t."

    Two public bathroom stalls

    24. "Stop wasting food! I hate seeing people throw out perfectly good and edible food just because they aren't hungry anymore; save it for later."


    25. "Don’t put trash or teabags in the sink! Scrape it into the garbage! Even if you have a garbage disposal, food scraps go in the trash or compost!!!"

    Two used teabags

    Do you have any annoyances that didn't make the list? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Some answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.