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    People Are Sharing The Pettiest, Most Meaningless Hills They're Still Willing To Die On

    "Push your goddamn chair in."

    Chances are you've got a closet of pet peeves — you know, the seemingly insignificant things that, for whatever reason, drive you up the wall. Some are relatively easy to let slide, but others... Others we'll just about throw hands over.

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    Redditor u/shazulmonte wanted to know people's most ridiculous (yet serious) peeves and asked: "What is the pettiest, silliest, most meaningless hill you are willing to die on?"

    And the people were not shy. Check out top responses below. 

    1. "You're not the only person in the grocery store, buddy! Move your cart to the side IN ANTICIPATION of others trying to get by."

    View out the back of a grocery cart in a blurred aisle
    D3sign / Getty Images

    "It's not predicting the future, and you really need to work on your spacial awareness."

    — u/Bumblebeee_tuna_

    2. "Push your goddamn chair in when you stand up from the table."

    FOX / Via

    3. "How the dishwasher is loaded."

    beko / Via


    "Scrape your damn plate off before putting dishes into the dishwasher. I’m home from college right now living in a five-person home, and my sister is the only person who understands this. Everyone else basically puts meals in the dishwasher, or they let things like cereal get stuck to the plates and cups, which drives me crazy, lol.

    It’s a dishwasher, not a garbage can!"

    — u/HT2424

    4. "That box of useless cables in my closet? You know the one that has a bunch of old USB cables, RCA cables, even S-Video cables, and a shit load of AC adapters I can't find the ends for? Yeah, that box is mine, and I will NEVER throw it away. "

    A big mess of cables of different shades
    Richard Newstead / Getty Images

    "Even if it only comes in handy once a year, I'll be damned if it doesn't feel great feeling like a dang hero when your friend or family member needs one of those 'useless' cables for something."

    — u/alwaysmyfault

    5. "When not in use, the microwave is a clock. Stop leaving your unused time on there! You just have to hit the cancel button once, damn!"

    Grace Cary / Getty Images

    6. "It's 'hear, hear' not 'here, here.' Get it fucking right."

    Paulana / Via

    7. "Close the dang cabinet doors!"

    A hand opening an upper cabinet door
    Boris Zhitkov / Getty Images

    "Close all the doors!"


    8. "People who don't mix their sour cream so it isn't soupy on top before they use it — what is wrong with them?"

    A wooden bowl of sour cream with a wooden spoon sticking out of it, and rolled up. burlap under one side
    Wilatlak Villette / Getty Images


    "It's as bad as people being OK with the ketchup precum dribbling all over your food. Shake the damn bottle, then squirt."


    9. "Those new 'extra-safe, high-visibility' headlights should not be installed in any vehicles larger than a wagon."

    Lady Gaga / Via

    "I don't need LED spotlights pointing into my eyes from the front and all three mirrors. Seeing is fun for other drivers too."


    10. "Monopoly is an inherently unbalanced and badly designed game. ON PURPOSE."

    Polyvinyl Records / Via

    "Whoever starts winning will simply keep winning, and the rest of the players get a slow slog to bankruptcy. And the winner is usually the most ruthless person at the table. This is why it breaks friendships. It was meant to show the unfairness of unregulated capitalism, and somehow it became an American classic. But compared to modern games, it's terrible."


    11. "Espresso, not eXpresso."

    CuriosityStream / Via

    12. "Throw away your trash at the movie theater."

    Spilled popcorn at the base of the lit stairs of a movie theater, looking up the aisle with seats on either side
    Ghislain & Marie David De Lossy / Getty Images

    13. "If you put meat into a grilled cheese, it's not a 'gourmet grilled cheese.' It's a melt."

    Grilled cheese and bologna sandwich on a wooden board with pickle slices and a metal ramekin of ketchup in the background
    Lauripatterson / Getty Images

    14. "If you tell me you are going to 'defiantly' do something, I am going to picture you doing it with defiance. All angry. Marching around pissed off that you had to do it. It’s definitely, people."

    NBC / Via

    "Def-in-it-ely and de-fi-ant-ly are two completely different words with completely different connotations and definitions."


    15. "After you’ve finished using something, say, a pair of scissors or a flashlight, PUT THEM BACK WHERE THEY FUCKING BELONG so the next person can use them!"

    Very organized office supplies in different sections
    Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images

    16. "Chew with your mouth closed."

    FXX / Via

    17. "Please don't try to have a conversation with me when I'm in another room, especially if I'm doing dishes, laundry, making food, showering, etc."

    An arm pushing down the handle of a running faucet with a small pot and a glass in the sink
    Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty Images

    "I'm trying to listen to you but cannot clearly hear what you're saying. Odds are I'm going to ask you to repeat yourself three times, or I'm going to ignore you until I can come to where you are. Either way, you'll likely be pissed about it. I now understand why that pissed my mother off so much when I was younger."


    18. "Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't play as a male character in an MMO."

    Children's Miracle Network / Via

    "And I swear if I have this argument ONE MORE time with a dude that's playing as a female character I will scream."


    19. "Toilet paper goes over not under."

    A roll of toilet paper over-side out
    Peter Dazeley / Getty Images


    "Agreed...except if you have a cat that loves to unravel toilet paper — then that's the only reason it should go under."


    20. "I will argue ALL DAY LONG with people who use apostrophes when something is plural."

    A stop sign at the bottom of the frame with a big empty sky behind it
    Thomas Winz / Getty Images

    "Please stop."


    21. "Leaving the lights on when there’s no one in the room."

    A group of lightbulbs laid out with one on and the others off
    Pm Images / Getty Images

    "This is such a stupid thing, but it just gets on my nerves."


    22. "Do not salt the food I've made you until you've tried it."

    G1ft3d / Via

    23. "The people ON the elevator EXIT FIRST; that means BEFORE the losers waiting FOR the elevator ENTER. ALWAYS. EVERY TIME. NO EXCEPTIONS."

    A crowded elevator with someone trying to force themself on
    Daly And Newton / Getty Images

    "If I’m riding an elevator, and you try to get on before letting me off, I will make it awkward for everyone involved, and I will have literally no shame. Is negative shame possible? I will have negative shame for making you feel awkward trying to block me from getting off the elevator."


    24. "Boneless chicken wings are chicken nuggets."

    A bunch of wings artfully spread out on a surface
    Mark Carper / Getty Images/500px Plus

    I'm on board with a decent amount of these, and I would add that honey is the finest condiment for any nugget. Go on, fight me!

    Joan Kamberaj / Via

    Is there a basically frivolous fight that you just can't give up? Let us know in the comments!

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