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    • casperh2

      Ehm. Obviously this wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have our high tax rate. We all pitch in to have these possibilities. We haveatax system where each and everyone pays around 35% tax-if your earn more than the average man, you get to pay around 60% taxes. The US would be broke if you tried to give maternity like ours without raising taxes. And by the way. We do NOT get4years with 90% salary if we loose our job. Not at all! If your loose your job, you get welfare which is quite low. IF you’ve joinedaunion and paid around 80$amonth (for at leastayear) you are eligible for around 2.800$ (of which you have to pay tax) foramaximum of two years. During this time you’re obviously required to apply for jobs or take jobs/courses.  We do not have fully paid maternity leave forayear-this depends on your employer andIbelieve the only one I’ve heard of having these benefits are Novo Nordisk medical. It’s notagovernment paid full maternity leave. It’sagood system, but it’s not for free, mind you.

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