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14 Reasons Everyone Needs To Move To Denmark Immediately

They may have the world's highest taxes, but it's totally worth it.

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3. They have one of the oldest and most well-liked monarchies in all of Europe.

A poll published in the Danish newspaper Politiken revealed that 77% of Danes are happy with their monarchy and only 16% are in favor of a republic.


6. Co-housing was invented in Denmark, and many Danes still live in co-housing situations.

Which means less cooking, cleaning, and even child care. People always say, "It takes a village." The Danes just actually do it.


9. The Danes are ranked No. 1 in the world in terms of life experience.

In this year’s HPI, experienced well-being is assessed using a question called the "Ladder of Life" from the Gallup World Poll. This asks respondents to imagine a ladder, where 0 represents the worst possible life and 10 the best possible life, and to report the step of the ladder they feel they currently stand on.

12. Which is probably because they have INSANE benefits. The average maternity leave is 52 weeks and is 100% PAID FOR.

Yes, you heard me right. ONE FULL YEAR OF PAID MATERNITY LEAVE. For comparison, the average maternity leave in the U.S. is just 12 weeks, and is not nationally guaranteed.

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