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Turns Out Donald Trump’s Tweets Are The Perfect Lyrics For An Early-2000s Emo Song

We dare you to not pull out your hair straightener and eyeliner.

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Donald Trump's tweets are many things, but, up until today, they were never lyrics to a faux early-2000s emo song.

Enter the entertainment company Super Deluxe, which recently realized that Trump's tweets remind them a little too much of angsty lyrics to emo songs.

We noticed that @realdonaldtrump's tweets are basically the lyrics to an early 2000s emo song, so we turned them in…

So they made them into a two-minute-and-41-second song that legitimately sounds like something we would have all listened to in our bedrooms after school.

My Chemical Romance / Via

You know, like anything from My Chemical Romance.

The song starts out with a little intro:

And then it dives right into what might be the most politically angsty song of our generation.

And, of course, Saturday Night Live gets some emo Trump love.

Basically, someone should add one more title to Trump's Wikipedia page: songwriter.

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