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    21 Things That Prove Periods Are Actually Pretty Funny

    "Sorry your crotch is bleeding."

    1. Don't you wish this was a scene in Harry Potter?

    2. You definitely know someone you want to send this card to.

    3. Or perhaps this card instead?

    4. Now look at this 100% realistic photo of what cramps feel like.

    5. These adorable ornaments come in three different stages of your period: "empty, half a tank, and crime scene."

    6. Check out this bag that's just puttin' it all out there.

    7. Here's an accurate example of what it's like explaining anything period-related to a man in your life.

    8. Oh, and here's another period interaction with a male.

    9. Irrational crying is acceptable everywhere.

    10. Look how cute this bedazzled finger puppet is!

    11. Remember, you can always gift yourself too.

    12. When you're the leader of the pack.

    13. If you're feeling crafty, you should definitely try making this tampon bouquet.

    14. Now look at this theory that totally, kind of makes complete sense.

    15. Can you handle this very literal vampire teabag prop?

    16. Take a moment now and read this perfect description of periods.

    17. Now check out this adorable kitty and her tampon toy!

    18. Tampons really are just like fortune cookies, aren't they?

    19. Education innovation is important, folks.

    20. Remember, when in doubt, cake will make everything better.

    21. And, this.