21 Things That Prove Periods Are Actually Pretty Funny

“Sorry your crotch is bleeding.”

1. Don’t you wish this was a scene in Harry Potter?

Warner Bros. / Via nicholeo5145.tumblr.com

Hermione’s face says it all.

2. You definitely know someone you want to send this card to.

StudioFroezel / Via etsy.com

:: sad face ::

3. Or perhaps this card instead?

STAbbieDesigns / Via etsy.com

“…but all I got you was this card.”

4. Now look at this 100% realistic photo of what cramps feel like.

I-heure-du-the / Via iwastesomuchtime.com

The horror! The horror!

5. These adorable ornaments come in three different stages of your period: “empty, half a tank, and crime scene.”

CattywampusTX / Via etsy.com


6. Check out this bag that’s just puttin’ it all out there.

hotbutter / Via etsy.com

Because, honestly, who are we kidding?

7. Here’s an accurate example of what it’s like explaining anything period-related to a man in your life.

TheMarkWhite / Via imgur.com

Trust us, Michael. Trust us.

8. Oh, and here’s another period interaction with a male.

We <3 you, Snape.

9. Irrational crying is acceptable everywhere.

10. Look how cute this bedazzled finger puppet is!

PuppetPieShop / Via etsy.com

That face is all of us.

11. Remember, you can always gift yourself too.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / h/t Sizz / Via imgur.com

Because you deserve it!

12. When you’re the leader of the pack.

13. If you’re feeling crafty, you should definitely try making this tampon bouquet.

ahhvey / Via reddit.com

14. Now look at this theory that totally, kind of makes complete sense.

peachvenom / Via reddit.com

I mean, aren’t you sort of rethinking everything right now?

15. Can you handle this very literal vampire teabag prop?

StarseedRicinus / Via etsy.com


16. Take a moment now and read this perfect description of periods.

robotsquid / Via robotsquid.tumblr.com

17. Now check out this adorable kitty and her tampon toy!

meowadays / Via etsy.com

Cats love periods too.

18. Tampons really are just like fortune cookies, aren’t they?

starkart / Via imgur.com

They’re so wise.

19. Education innovation is important, folks.

HelloFlo / Via youtube.com

This. Is. Everything.

20. Remember, when in doubt, cake will make everything better.

derolle / Via reddit.com

Your sugar is my medicine.

21. And, this.

gameoflaughs / Via gameoflaughs.tumblr.com

Bye, a-hole.

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