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    The Navarro "Cheer" Team Performed On "Ellen" Today And They Were Amazing

    Let's go, Navarro!

    Hopefully by now you've watched Cheer on Netflix and witnessed the magic that is the Navarro cheer team. And if you haven't watched yet, YOU NEED TO. IT IS NECESSARY.

    And because everyone is clearly obsessed with the show, the Navarro cheer members made their way over to Ellen to give her some "mat talk"...

    ...but, most importantly, to perform part of their Daytona routine in front of a live audience.

    And they were, of course, AMAZING.

    I mean, just look at them go!!!!!

    And the best part? Ellen knows the team is always fundraising, so she gifted them with $20,000! Just look at their faces!!! Monica is so happy!!! Anything for Monica!!!

    You can watch their full performance below, as well as their interview with Ellen.