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    32 Tweets About "Cheer" On Netflix That Perfectly Sum Up Allll Of Our Feelings

    We can. We will. We must.


    watched 10 minutes of cheer on Netflix and I am ready to go full out


    Me, starting “Cheer” on Netflix: okay, this looks like it could be some mindless fun Me, after three episodes: Let’s GO, Morgan, you are STRONG YOU CAN MAKE MAT, girl. JERRY, you beautiful human, KEEP UP THE POSITIVITY!!! #CheerNetflix


    Yes hello Netflix? I’d like another 6 episode true crime doc on why the hell Sherbs hit the floor. I want alibis. That was fucked up. She definitely went back, and to the left... #CHEER #NetflixCheer #CheerNetflix #jfk


    lexi getting quizzed on which navarro alumni had the flu at daytona nationals 2009 #CheerNetflix


    me, yesterday: what is this cheer thing on Netflix? me, now: if you come for jerry, i will herky my big toe into your fucking mouth. coach monica and her french manicure square acrylics?! i would PAY HER to smack me across the face with that iPad! LA’DARIUS HIVE LET ME HEAR YOU


    ME WATCHING CHEER EPISODE 1: where are the pom poms ME WATCHING CHEER EPISODE 6: if monica gives these flyers the privilege of performing on mat for daytona then they simply must nail pyramid because this is navarro and it takes more than a flawless basket to


    Monica on #Cheer is what happens when Coach Taylor and Tami Taylor become one person.


    I don't even know Jerry but he can have one of my kidneys if he ever needs it. #CheerNetflix


    um CHEER on Netflix is more stressful than any horror movie, I won’t sleep tonight


    I was going to go to bed but then sherbs hit the mat...and here we are stressed about Daytona 🥺 #CheerNetflix


    I’m watching cheer on Netflix and this woman had the AUDACITY to say Tex Mex is better than real Mexican.....imma keep watching but I’m disgusted


    Me, at noon: Hmm, maybe I’ll check out this “Cheer” documentary; seems sorta interesting. Me, four hours later: Jesus christ if Morgan does not point her toes during this full out, then we have no chance of winning at Daytona. #cheer #CheerNetflix


    Me watching #Cheer on @netflix Episode 1 : Has no knowledge of or experience in competitive cheerleading Five hours later: If Jerry were on mat Sherbs would have never fallen through that basket toss before Daytona.


    I binged Cheer on Netflix & I was like ok @Lexi_Brumback is my favorite cheerleader & then come to find out she got kicked off at the end lol


    Not to be dramatic but I would die for Jerry from Cheer on Netflix


    Watching the Netflix Cheer docu-series. How do we get Kristen Wiig on board to play Monica in an Oscar winning cheerleading movie?


    @monicaaldama watching @ttnav19 die at practice after getting hurt competing w/ wildcats #CheerNetflix


    navarro friends and family after the music stopped and the floor was cleared at daytona #CheerNetflix


    Oscar predictions: Best Picture - CHEER Best Cinematography- CHEER Best Screenplay - CHEER Best Actor - La’Darius (CHEER) Best Actress - Morgan (CHEER) Best Supp Actor - Jerry (CHEER) Best Supp Actress - Lexi (CHEER) Best Direction - Bong Joon Ho (Parasite)


    Netflix’s Cheer: ☑️Can someone save Gabi Butler? ☑️”Monica likes her big boys.” ☑️The Texan all lives matter teacher is a great villain ☑️It’s about cheerleading, but it makes you sad


    Now that I’ve spent 6 hours of my life watching the entire cheer documentary on Netflix , i feel like I have the right to know what #fiofmu means


    Alex The Alternate is my hero #CheerNetflix


    Cheer on Netflix is a SLEEPER, yes this is a cheerleader reality that show, but all of the sudden the show shifts and becomes a conversation on monopoly in the cheer industry and big tech companies. LIKE WTF AM I WATCHING, THIS IS SO GOOD


    Me 5 hours ago: what’s a Navarro Me currently: oh my god it’s one week to Daytona and we can’t hit the pyramid, get it together Aly ugh go dogs #CheerNetflix


    I’ve finished #CheerNetflix and I have come to four conclusions: 1) cheerleading is wild 2) I would take a bullet for Morgan 3) Jerry is the greatest human alive 4) I want Monica to be proud of me


    Did Gabi’s mom really say “I don’t know. The one with the black hair” when the lady with the dog asked who her daughter was just so the lady would be like “OMG! That’s your daughter?” #CheerNetflix


    Me explaining to my husband why I'm crying over a docuseries about cheerleading. #CheerNetflix


    *turns on #NetflixCheer just to check it out* Me on episode 4: 5 DAYS TIL DAYTONA AND WE STILL ARENT HITTING THE PYRAMID ALLIE??


    This CHEER documentary on Netflix is crazy. I’m rooting for all these girls. Gabi? An all-star that may have lost her touch. Morgan? Most improved flyer trying to get on mat. Lexi? Ex convict just cheering her way out of it. La’Darius? Best tumbler that just needs to try harder.


    Gabi: I’m ready to take a break and stay home. Gabi’s parents: So we’ve booked a cross country tour. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #NetflixCheer