Jerry Harris Is Hands Down The Best Person From "Cheer" On Netflix

    Jerry for president.

    Have you watched Cheer on Netflix? Yes? OK, continue. NO? Then I don't know why you're here. Please go watch now and then come back when you're finished; thanks.

    Great, now that we've filtered out the riffraff, let's discuss one person and one person only: JEREMIAH HARRIS. AKA Jerry.

    Inarguably Navarro's greatest asset and also truly a perfect being.

    Before Cheer, none of us knew Jerry. After Cheer, there is only Jerry.

    started watching CHEER on netflix and i’ve come to the conclusion that Jerry is the best person in the world. #CheerNetflix

    He truly is the heart and soul of the entire show.

    I don't even know Jerry but he can have one of my kidneys if he ever needs it. #CheerNetflix

    Watching him from the first episode and having him go all the way to Daytona FULL. OUT. was an emotional roller coaster. I was invested with every fiber of my being, and I was not alone.

    Me before watching Cheer on Netflix: Meh sure I’ll give it a shot Me after: Jerry better be on mat or I’m driving down to fucking Texas

    First episode of #CheerNetflix: where is Navarro? Third episode: JERRY WILL MAKE IT ON THE MAT. YALL WILL HIT THE PYRAMID MO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES IT TAKES.

    *Knows nothing about competitive cheerleading but watches the first two episodes of #CheerNetflix* “PUT JERRY ON THE MAT OR WE RIOT!”

    First 15 mins of this #CheerNetflix : “Eh this isn’t for me” Me 5 hours into binge: “IF JERRY DOESNT GET ON THE FUCKING SQUAD I AM BURNING EVERYTHING DOWN”

    When Jerry made the final mat #CheerNetflix

    His story made me cry, and yet he also made me happy-cry.

    Me whenever Jerry appears. I just love him so much. The purest human being #CheerNetflix

    Dictionary definiton of PURE.

    watching #CHEER on netflix and yeah jerry deserves the world he’s so pure and hardworking

    And we gotta talk about his mat talk (I know what that is now).

    #CheerNetflix Nobody: Absolutely no one: Jerry's Mat Talk:

    I need it as my ringtone, my alarm clock, on a Spotify playlist, LITERALLY EVERYWHERE.

    Sorry to all the Jerrys out there, but this Jerry is the most important Jerry!

    thinking about....... jerry 😌 #CheerNetflix

    Everyone agrees.

    Not to be dramatic but I would die for Jerry from Cheer on Netflix

    Even the guy who stars on that show Outlander!!

    So yeah, we love Jerry.

    @notrichbrunette I’m rooting for this kid Jerry like I birthed him, omg ❤️

    OUR KING!!!