23 Moments That Make Every Woman Say “Fuck”

    Fuck. Shit. Fuck.

    1. When your brand new pantyhose rip and you don't have another pair to change into because those are also ripped.

    2. When you drop your makeup brush in the sink and it gets moist, but you haven't finished putting on your makeup yet.

    3. When you catch your hair in a straightener/curling iron and it rips off and your scalp is crying.

    4. When you cut your leg while shaving even though you were trying very hard not to.

    5. When you just painted your nails and you think it's dry but when you go to check you end up smudging it.

    6. When you look in the mirror and realize you have lipstick all over your teeth and no one told you.

    7. When your favorite shoes betray you with a blister.

    8. Or when you're wearing heels and they betray you and you nearly break your ankle.

    9. When your favorite hair tie snaps and slaps you on the wrist like you are being punished.

    10. When your hair band rips and the rubber band pulls all your hair out of your head and you're sure that you must be bald.

    11. When your eyeliner looks perfect but you immediately smudge it on accident and then you just silently stare at yourself in the mirror.

    12. When you get your period three days early and bleed all over your non-period underwear.

    13. When you put on deodorant right after shaving and it burns your skin.

    14. When your shirt gets stuck on an earring and it feels like your ear is being pulled off and your earring is trying to murder you.

    15. When you walk in direct sunlight and you realize you missed a patch of hair on your leg...like, a big patch.

    16. When you're walking while wearing a dress and you give yourself thigh burn.

    17. When you're in a hurry but you're not wearing a sports bra and so you start to slightly jog while trying to hold your boobs in place and it hurts.

    18. When you order something online and it doesn't fit and you would have to drive all the way to the post office and buy a stamp in order to return it.

    19. When you're on your period and you sneeze and then stay still while you figure out if you should casually run to the bathroom or if you're good to go.

    20. When your period is not light but not heavy and you have to pull your tampon out slowly because it's pretty much dry.

    21. When you have to go digging for your tampon because you can't find it and you stress out that you've lost it forever and you'll have to go to the ER.

    22. When you shave your bikini line and pray and hope you don't get bumps, but you do.

    23. When your bra breaks and the underwiring stabs your skin and your soul.