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    The Best Place To Get Pie In Every State, According To Yelp

    Because pie is better than cake.

    Charlotte Gomez / Getty / BuzzFeed

    Whether it's a warm, flaky slice of blueberry pie with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream or a slice of the creamiest chocolate banana cream you've ever had, there's just something so delightfully magical about pie.

    So we asked Yelp for the best places to get pie in each state (plus D.C.) — which they measured by identifying businesses with a large number of reviews mentioning "pie" and "pies" and then selected the "best" business in each state based on both the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning those keywords. To appear on this list, the majority of reviews had to reference sweet pies.

    Because it's time to get to the good stuff, here are 51 spots to find the best pie, as suggested by all the pie-loving Yelpers out there.

    1. Felix's Fish Camp Grill, Spanish Fort, Alabama

    Photo by Melissa J. / Via Yelp

    "I have never liked Key lime pie, but even I was surprisingly swayed by their signature dessert. Rich and smooth, sweet and tangy, the pie filling coupled with the buttery crust perfectly satisfied my palette." —Yelper Anjali M.

    "The Key lime pie is made in-house and is in our top three of best KL pies that we've found in the South." —Yelper Anne F.

    2. Glacier BrewHouse, Anchorage, Alaska

    "The pie sets a new standard for peanut butteriness. I'll never love a Reese's in quite the same way again." —Yelper Trina B.

    "I am not sure if you can call that wonderfully peanut-nuttery confection pie. It went way beyond pie. It was incredible. Even though we were already full, we fought over every bite. I will come back for that pie! " —Yelper Molly M.

    3. Little Miss BBQ, Phoenix, Arizona

    Photo by Sherry S. / Via Yelp

    "That pecan pie. I freaking hate pecan pie and suddenly my favorite pie is the pecan pie from Little Miss. Like, what?! " —Yelper Liz S.

    "I also ordered the smoked pecan pie. Get it. Get it now. Get it to go. It is, I believe, one of the best pecan pies I've had in my life...this is a world class pecan pie." —Yelper Rich B.

    4. Fork and Crust Pie Company, Rogers, Arkansas

    "I had the coconut cream pie, and IT WAS MAGNIFICENT! The meringue was fluffy and moist, [and] the crust was flaky and buttery. It was the best pie I've had in years." —Yelper Joshua R.

    "I came in thinking they'd have coffee...and we found ourselves indulging in the best tasting and most beautiful pies I've ever seen." —Yelper Michelle K.

    5. Sweet Cottage, Chico, California

    "The filling is where this pie is really special. The berry pie and strawberry rhubarb are the perfect blend of sweet and tart. The flavors are complex and the textures are complimentary." —Yelper Matt T.

    "I love this place! I'm eating a slice of apple pie right now. Treat yourself and buy one pie a week. You'll live longer." —Yelper Renee W.

    6. Fruition Restaurant, Denver, Colorado

    Photo by Gloria J. / Via Yelp

    "Lemon merengue pie was another taste-bud flavor explosion: graham cracker crust and topped with slightly toasted merengue, all sitting in a perfect drizzle of blueberry compote." —Yelper Christine J.

    "[I tried] the lemon meringue pie with blueberry compote. In my book, this is a must have if they have it on the menu! It was not too sweet, the lemon was perfectly tart, creamy, and rich. The meringue was beautifully browned, [and] airy — oh so wonderful." —Yelper Lori W.

    7. Sandra's Next Generation, New Haven, Connecticut

    "I tried the sweet potato pie that had a layer of cheesecake on top. It was literally the best dessert I have ever had." —Yelper April P.

    "For dessert, we split sweet potato pie and my favorite, banana pudding. They were both fantastic and clearly made with love." —Yelper Christie O.

    8. Blue Moon, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

    Photo by Tracy D. / Via Yelp

    "Last, but far from the least, do save room for the signature dessert: the Moon Pie. It is about a foot tall and is sinfully delicious!" —Yelper Bob V.

    "As for dessert, the ice box pie actually made me kind of angry because of how good it was. As I devoured it, I wished that I had been able to come up with it first. The silky texture and slight tang of the cream against the salty pretzel crust and the lemon curd — the perfect combination. Drooling as I type. No longer able to form complete sentences due to memory of dessert." —Yelper Maria F.

    9. Baked & Wired, Washington, D.C.

    "Much like everything else in the shop, the pie is good. Insanely good. Good enough that you don't care about the extra calories. You just want to continue eating pie. For the love of god, keep the delicious pie coming!" —Yelper Morgan W.

    "The apple-blueberry crumb pie is to die for. I imagine the sweetest little grandma in the world back there baking their pies. I haven't had a pie like that since my grandpa made them for me as a child." —Yelper Kirs H.

    10. Sweet Delights, Miami, Florida

    "We sampled the mango Key lime pie, passion fruit Key lime pie, and love cake. Everything was so incredibly good. I took home a slice of coconut Key lime pie for myself and a slice of banana Key lime pie for my husband and we both agreed they were AWESOME." —Yelper Kirby B.

    "The owner is such a sweetheart. She allows you to sample any piece of pie or cake before you purchase them. I left home with three pieces: one raspberry Key lime pie, one piña colada, and a piece of chocolate cake. You wont be disappointed." —Yelper Leticia F.

    11. Bones, Atlanta, Georgia

    Photo by Perry B. / Via Yelp

    "The pecan pie was amazing! So good that we were sharing and had to order a second one because we wolfed down the first one." —Yelper Sunny R.

    "Mountain High Pie: Amazing! We spied others ordering this before/during our meal, and I knew I had to have it. Lots of layers including Oreos, crème de menthe, chocolate, and merengue. It's like an icebox pie so it doesn't quite feel like an ice cream pie/cake." —Yelper Carolina M.

    12. Maui Pie, Kihei, Hawaii

    "We got a cherry pie here in preparation for our Thanksgiving feast. I can say, without a doubt, this was my favorite cherry pie I've had. Ever." —Yelper Amy T.

    "This pie is everything you want in a pie: flaky, buttery crust and filling with fresh fruit, like the mango strawberry. I also had the coconut cream pie and it was truly a tasty treat!" —Yelper Cara N.

    13. Baxters on Cedar, Sandpoint, Idaho

    Photo by Rhonda K. / Via Yelp

    "The Key lime pie is THE BEST I've ever tasted. Not only do we order a slice every time we come here, but it's becoming a bit of a habit to purchase an entire pie to go." —Yelper Alyssa A.

    "Even though we were stuffed, we ended the evening off with sharing the Key lime pie after our server jokingly bragged it up. (I'm a tough critic as we live in Florida and Key lime pie is my favorite dessert!) He said "money back guarantee." It was a safe statement! It was super creamy and just tart enough with what seemed to be candied lime zest on top and an amazing graham cracker crust." —Yelper Rhonda K.

    14. Spinning J Bakery and Soda Fountain, Chicago, Illinois

    "Delicious pie, unique flavors, fun ambiance, and good service! Had the s'mores pie, peach raspberry pie, and Key lime hibiscus pie. Such a sweet little spot for dessert!" —Yelper Cassidy A.

    "Of course we had pie: s'mores and chocolate pecan. Wow! The crusts for both were so flavorful and moist. Hate to say it, but I might have a new favorite pie place." —Yelper Marie B.

    15. Locally Grown Gardens, Indianapolis, Indiana

    Photo by Kacy G. / Via Yelp

    "The sugar cream pie is the best pie I have ever had in my life. I have never said that before about any pie. It is not a claim I toss around lightly." —Yelper David M.

    "PIE! My oh my, that sugar cream pie sure is fine. You NEED to try it. Even if you aren't a pie person, TRY IT!" —Yelper Katy R.

    16. Pullman Bar & Diner, Iowa City, Iowa

    "All good meals in Iowa should end in pie. I helped my girlfriend with her slice of Nutella pie. This is one delicious, rich dessert." —Yelper Mike P.

    "We finished with the Nutella pie with banana ice cream, which I highly recommend splitting with someone — creamy and decadent!" —Yelper Emily G.

    17. Upper Crust Pie Bakery, Overland Park, Kansas

    Facebook: Uppercrustpiebakery

    "For my money, there is no better pie than lemon meringue, and The Upper Crust makes a fantastic one. The meringue is so tall and swooping, it resembles something out of a Dr. Seuss book...eating this pie is a religious experience." —Yelper Matt E.

    "There is no other pie place that comes close. And pie is an experience here. It doesn't matter. Just get one. The smell alone will make your tummy growl. Mellow apple. Tart rhubarb. Screaming gooseberry. And their meringue pies? Don't get me started." —Yelper Reed N.

    18. Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen, Louisville, Kentucky

    "Can't go wrong here. They have a huge selection of fresh, tasty pies as well as other baked goods and ice cream. The chocolate chess pie and peach pie both rock." —Yelper David H.

    "Incredible pie and ice cream. The chocolate chess pie, the chess pie, the caramel apple pie, and the ice cream are all worth it. Worth a long trip." —Yelper James H.

    19. GW Fins, New Orleans, Louisiana

    Photo by Adrienne L. / Via Yelp

    "The warm apple pie with cheese pie crust was everything! Like grandma makes it." —Yelper Asonya R.

    "If ordering apple pie, do so when ordering your meal because it is cooked to order. Comes as a round pie with delicious vanilla ice cream." —Yelper Kate B.

    20. Street & Co., Portland, Maine

    Photo by Vivian C. / Via Yelp

    "Two words: blueberry pie. It was the BEST pie I have ever had. Ever! I even liked it so much I asked the server if it was possible for me to take a pie home." —Yelper Keshar N.

    "We ordered the Maine blueberry pie à la mode. My friend said she was just going to have a bite but you can not just have one bite of this pie." —Yelper Angela H.

    *Street & Co.'s blueberry pie is seasonal and is usually only available on their summer menu.

    21. Butler's Orchard, Germantown, Maryland

    "Let me tell you people, this strawberry pie is one of the most delicious things I've eaten in ages! The strawberries are sweet, the crust is great, the way the two interact is heavenly, and the whole thing is just glorious!" —Yelper Dee B.

    "I love this place and I really like the market store where the pies are hot out of the oven — literally I picked up an apple pie and it was still warm!" —Yelper Amanda D.

    22. Petsi Pies, Somerville, Massachusetts

    "This place is serious — they know pie. The bourbon chocolate pecan, the peach pie...everything is amazing. I'm actually glad I don't live closer to this place because it would ruin my life." —Yelper Maddie C.

    "Mississippi. Mud. Pie. Best chocolate pie EVER. Perfect balance of smooth fudge-y brownie-style filling with a layer of ooey-gooey chocolate all over chocolate pie crust. You would think it'd be too rich. You would think it would be dry. You would think one slice would be enough. No, friend, no. Petsi's outdoes itself with this fabulous pie." —Yelper W. W.

    23. Rock City Eatery, Detroit, Michigan

    "Oh my goodness, the best pie I have EVER had! I can't even describe how amazing the crust was. We actually ordered several more pieces as we finished our drinks. We had the salted caramel apple and the blueberry." —Yelper Danielle Y.

    "The cherry whiskey pie was the favorite dessert at our table. They've stayed true to their philosophy of Food, Booze & Pie!" —Yelper Sharon B.

    24. Duluth Grill, Duluth, Minnesota

    "There are not adequate words to describe the level of deliciousness contained in this pie. It's served in a gorgeous fluted pie crust bowl, so it's completely self-contained. It has layers of the most luscious pastry cream you can imagine and sliced bananas. Then it's garnished with fresh whipped cream and caramel sauce and more sliced bananas. It was amazing." —Yelper Jesse S.

    "I love banana cream pie and this one is the best I've had so far. The crust is so flaky and the filling is full of creamy goodness! You won't be disappointed." —Yelper Golee X.

    25. Pleasant's BBQ, Ocean Springs, Mississippi

    Facebook: PleasantBBQ

    "For dessert, I was literally blown away by the coconut pie. BEST PIE I HAVE EVER HAD. The crust was crunchy, the coconut had been browned and was so strong in flavor — it was seriously amazing. I felt like I stepped on a gold mine and immediately wanted to shove them down my shirt and hide in a cave." —Yelper Jason N.

    "Don't forget their homemade pies. We got the pecan pie and coconut pie. The sweet potato pie was still in the oven!" —Yelper Kris D.

    26. Pie Oh My!, Maplewood, Missouri

    "SO, SO GOOD! There was a really big selection of creative and more standard flavors as well as a number of size options. I opted for the gooey butter and Mexican hot chocolate mini pies. Both were delicious, especially the crust." —Natalie J.

    "I stopped in yesterday for a pie fix and was excited to see they had my new favorite pie available. I was cooking a Mexican themed meal and an apple pie with green chilies made for the perfect dessert." —Yelper Steven B.

    27. Loula's Cafe, Whitefish, Montana

    "If you like pie that tastes store bought...DON'T GO IN. For reals, their pie is outta this world. Like I am 99% sure it could be used as currency in some countries." —Yelper Whitney B.

    "Since we were stuffed, we got the coconut cream pie to go. That pie alone is a five-star pie. The best coconut pie I have ever eaten. Go for breakfast/lunch, but definitely stay for pie." —Yelper Crystal A.

    28. Modern Love, Omaha, Nebraska

    "After heavy contemplation, my friend and I decided to go with the cherry pie with ginger ice cream. I don't even like pie that much, and this pie was phenomenal. The vegan crust was actually tastier then the majority of pie crusts I've ever had, and the filling was life changing." —Yelper Rachel S.

    "If you only get one thing here, choose the blackberry bourbon pie. I am usually not a pie fan, but I may have just been eating the wrong pie. Full blackberry flavor, and [it] still has some of the integrity of freshly picked berries." —Yelper Laura H.

    29. Joe's Seafood Prime Steak & Stone Crab, Las Vegas, Nevada

    "Amazing service and delicious banana cream pie. The pie is so worth coming here." —Yelper Carmen G.

    "The Key lime pie was PERFECT. Out of this world!! I highly recommend getting it!" —Yelper Greg T.

    30. The Red Arrow Diner, Manchester, New Hampshire

    Photo by Angela S. / Via Yelp

    "So back to the pie — exquisite chocolate cream pie. Flaky crust topped with the perfect proportion of a dark chocolate pudding and real whipped cream." —Yelper Sherry P.

    "Clearly they have angels working in the kitchen because...that...pie. [It's] fluffy, light, [and] heavenly." —Yelper Susanna W. on the lemon meringue pie

    31. Chef Vola's, Atlantic City, New Jersey

    "We ordered the crème brûlée pie. Yes, I said crème brûlée PIE. It was out of this world delicious! We also ordered the frozen banana cream pie. Holy cow! The pieces of frozen banana throughout the pie put me over the edge!" —Yelper Dana F.

    "For dessert, we ordered a limoncello pie and a chocolate peanut butter pie. My god. These were both some of the best pieces of pie I've ever had. I honestly want to go back for these. They were that good." —Yelper Nick D.

    32. Elisa's House of Pies and Restaurant, Deming, New Mexico

    Photo by Liz W. / Via Yelp

    "Amazing service and delicious banana cream pie. The pie is so worth coming here." —Yelper Carmen G.

    "The Key lime pie was PERFECT. Out of this world!! I highly recommend getting it!" —Yelper Greg T.

    33. Briermere Farms, Riverhead, New York

    Photo by JiaJia T. / Via Yelp

    "This was quite possibly the best pie I've ever eaten. We stopped in on the way out to wine tasting and picked up a peach raspberry pie and a couple pastries. The pie filling was amazing and the crust was just perfect. If it weren't such a long drive there from the city, I'd start to worry that I might be eating pie every day!" —Yelper Heidi T.

    "Blueberry cream pie is the best pie I've ever had. Worth driving out to from NYC just to get the pie." —Yelper Samuel T.

    34. The Kill Devil Grill, Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

    "Bring plenty of tissues to clean up the tears of joy you will cry after eating the Key lime pie." —Yelper Chris S.

    "This was literally the best Key lime pie that I have ever had. Tart like Key lime pie should be. The strawberry sauce complimented it so well. The graham cracker crust was awesome too. " —Yelper Meghan B.

    35. Nichole's Fine Pastry, Fargo, North Dakota

    "I bit the bullet and decided to get not only a lemon bar, but also the Key lime pie! Both were beautiful examples of what a citrus treat should be...tart, sweet, and magical." —Yelper Tiffany S.

    "Had the butterscotch pie as that's not typical in my neck of the woods. Loved the crust and I am not a person who likes crust!!" —Yelper Jessica A.

    36. O Pie O, Cincinnati, Ohio

    "For dessert I tried the honey and vinegar pie à la mode since it was highly recommended on Yelp. Vinegar pie seems weird but don't let that steer you away! It was sort of like crème brûlée in pie form with little flakes of sea salt on top. And not to mention the crust — so flaky and perfect." —Yelper Stephanie F.

    "The true star of the meal was the slice of apple rosemary pie for dessert. It was an amazing slice of pie that had me wanting more and more." —Yelper Caitlin B.

    37. Pie Junkie, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    "I thought pie was a dessert served twice a year while you tried to tune out your racist uncle. This is not that pie. This pie will haunt your dreams. This pie will invade your thoughts while you are working on a spreadsheet. This is the pie you will serve at your wedding in lieu of cake. Try it. Try them all. " —Yelper Ashley D.

    "The s'mores pie is basically a graham cracker-y, chocolatey, marshmallowy heaven. If someone let me, I'd probably eat it seven days a week. As for the french silk pie? Well, chocolate, whipped cream, and more chocolate. What else are you looking for here? It's basically happiness on a plate." —Yelper Jeffrey T.

    38. Back To Eden Bakery, Portland, Oregon

    "Even non-vegans or gluten-eating peoples love this spot! Pumpkin cream pie with coconut milk whipp[ed] cream is amazing!" —Yelper Lisa E.

    "I brought some non-vegan friends over and they loved everything they tried: the pecan pie and the soy ice cream with chocolate chips and berry sauce. The crust of the pie was flaky and buttery and the ice cream was creamy and smooth, plus that berry sauce was to die for. Yumm!!" —Yelper Lena L.

    39. Beiler's Bakery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Laura M.

    "Got a dutch-style apple pie from here for Thanksgiving last year. It was sooo delicious! It had that typical homemade touch to it so it tasted really fresh and had just the right amount of sweetness." —Yelper Ash H.

    "Coconut custard pie, blueberry pie, shoe-fly pie, apple raisin pie...all the pies you can think of!" —Yelper Lan G.

    40. Pastiche, Providence, Rhode Island

    "There wasn't a free table so we just got some apple pie and coconut cake to go. It was absolutely worth every penny and calorie! The apple pie was some of the best I've ever had." —Yelper Marie S.

    "We had the banana pie and the chocolate cake with black coffee and a vanilla chai tea. Banana pie was ridiculously good! Get this!" —Yelper Rebekah R.

    41. 167 Raw, Charleston, South Carolina

    "I debated the Key lime pie, but was too stuffed. Then I ordered the Key lime pie. WOW. I have tried about 80 different ones and will say without hesitation that theirs is the best I've ever had. Ever." —Yelper Stavros M.

    "Five stars even if they only served Key lime pie....a very nice custard texture that required nothing more than the very simple presentation provided. Take small bites and enjoy!" —Yelper Rob J.

    42. Purple Pie Place, Custer, South Dakota

    "Best pies ever. I didn't even like pie before I came here, and not for a lack of trying. Now I eat pie. Because of their pie. Enough said." —Yelper Yoda B.

    "I had the strawberry-raspberry-rhubarb-jalapeño pie and it was delicious! The crust was light and flaky while the filling was not super sweet with just the right amount of jalapeño bite." —Yelper Karlene D.

    43. Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken, Memphis, Tennessee

    "Ordered this pie situation not even knowing exactly what a chess pie is. Well I'll tell you what a chess pie is: it's buttery, sugary, eggy deliciousness." —Yelper Shauna G.

    "At the end, we were convinced to order a hot pecan pie, which was an excellent way to end our delicious meal. You have to get a slice!!" —Yelper Andy N.

    44. Fredericksburg Pie Company, Fredericksburg, Texas

    "Licking my lips from that pecan pie. The candied pecans and flaky crust, oh me, oh my. Thanks to my fellow Yelpers, we ordered our pies over the phone before rolling into town for a weekend visit." —Yelper Brittany S.

    "The pie is wonderful and it's very fun to try their seasonal pies as well as their staples. The orange bourbon pecan pie is splendid, and you can't go wrong with any of the fruit or cream pies either." —Yelper Danielle S.

    45. Burr Trail Grill, Boulder, Utah

    "When the pie hit the table it was similar to how the last seat on the lifeboat for the Titanic played out. It was every man for himself. The crust was the very best crust I've ever had ever...EVER!!!!!!" —Yelper Rob Y.

    "I had the best piece of pie I have ever eaten! It was a caramel banana cream concoction that was topped by a beautiful lattice of woven banana slices. The crust was perfect, and every bite was heaven. If all their pies are like that one (and I suspect they are), I could easily eat myself to death by pie if I lived closer." —Yelper Jeff K.

    46. Revolution Kitchen, Burlington, Vermont

    "DEFINITELY save room for dessert — I recommend the banana creme pie (I'm not usually a fan of banana creme pie, but this one is amazing)." —Yelper Kate F.

    "YOU MUST EAT THE PIE. Pumpkin, Key lime, banana cream, or coconut. Hands down the most delicious pie I have ever eaten." —Yelper S.F.

    47. Livin The Pie Life, Arlington, Virginia

    "We had flaky apple pie, mile high pie, Key lime pie, and mixed berry pie. All were wonderful, but the bright flavor of the Key lime was outstanding!" —Yelper Larry L.

    "It's a small little pie shop, but they've perfected their craft. We got the buttermilk pie and a custard lemon pie. Both were delicious and not too sweet with a flaky crust." —Yelper Dan B.

    48. A la Mode Pies, Seattle, Washington

    Photo by Marcus D. / Via Yelp

    "It's hard to find a good cream pie in Seattle. A la mode has many great choices. Our favorites are the chocolate peanut butter — [it's] the best version of this pie I have ever had. If you want to double down, go for the Mexican chocolate cream pie." —Yelper Marcus D.

    "It was very, VERY difficult to choose, but ultimately we went with a slice of seasonal holiday pumpkin pie and apple, pear, ginger pie, both with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on the side. We also ordered slices of the chocolate pecan and the bourbon butterscotch to go. The pies were divine, exactly as I hoped." —Yelper Inness P.

    49. Jim's Steak & Spaghetti House, Huntington, West Virginia

    "When you're done with dinner you order a piece of pie. And if you're there when they're serving strawberry pie, you. order. the. strawberry. pie." —Yelper Tyler S.

    "My wife is a coconut creme pie aficionado, she is still in recovery suffering from creme pie euphoria!! Spoke with the owner who told us this was a 100-year-old recipe." —Yelper Alec P.

    50. Stockholm Pie & General Store, Stockholm, Wisconsin

    "The pie, the pie! So yummy! I had a butterscotch cream slice, my parents shared a decadent triple chocolate pecan slice, and my sister had a coconut cream slice. Each kind was delicious in its own way. I loved how the butterscotch cream melted on my tongue." —Yelper Leah S.

    "We ordered the banana cream and triple berry to split amongst the three of us. The banana cream was pretty good, but the warmed up triple berry was exceptional. Not overly sweet and not runny, but just the right mixture of berries and crust. Perfectly delightful." —Yelper Jon L.

    51. Cowboy Cafe, Dubois, Wyoming

    "I normally don't like German chocolate pie...but based on just one single bite of this one, I'd chug down an entire German chocolate pie from Cowboy Café all by myself! As for my own apple-blackberry pie...I was licking the plate." —Yelper Bruce B.

    "The pie was the best I have had in years." —Yelper JA O. on the blueberry rhubarb and cherry almond crunch