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    Which "Gilmore Girls" Theory Do You Think Is Actually Correct?

    Ugh, please don't tell me that Jess is married.

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    In honor of Gilmore Girls' 16th anniversary, we met up with some super fans at a pop-up Luke's Diner.

    Farrah Penn / Casey Rackham / BuzzFeed

    That's right — Scott Patterson served coffee at the event.

    While we were there, we asked them what they predict will happen during the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix. Here were some of their ~theories~:

    Kirk is finally in charge of Stars Hollow:

    Ali Velez / BuzzFeed

    Luke and Lorelai are married:

    Ali Velez / BuzzFeed

    And — sorry, everyone — Jess is married, too:

    Ali Velez / BuzzFeed

    Some think Rory will end up with Logan:

    Ali Velez / BuzzFeed

    While others think she won't:

    Ali Velez / BuzzFeed

    Rory teaches at Yale (and is still not with any of her former boys):

    Ali Velez / BuzzFeed

    Rory is a mom...and Lorelai is becoming more and more like her own mother:

    Ali Velez / BuzzFeed

    Lane has eight children:

    Ali Velez / BuzzFeed

    And, well, Paris is also a mom:

    Ali Velez / BuzzFeed
    1. Which theory do you think is the mostly likely to come true?

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    Which theory do you think is the mostly likely to come true?
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      Kirk is in charge of Stars Hollow.
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      Luke and Lorelai are married.
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      Jess is married.
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      She ends up with Logan.
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      She doesn't end up with Logan, Dean, or Jess.
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      Rory teaches at Yale.
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      Rory is a mom.
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      Lane has eight children.
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      Paris is also a mom.

    Do you have any fan theories of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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