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Posted on Dec 15, 2017

Do You Know What At Least Four Of These Ten Acronyms Stand For?

For smarty-pants only.

Below are 10 acronyms and initialisms. Can you get them all right?

  1. ZIP, as in ZIP code.

  2. PDF, as in that thing you're always converting from Word.

  3. P.S., as in the iconic film P.S. I Love You.

  4. CD-ROM, as in the thing you used to put all your playlists on.

  5. SCUBA, as in scuba diving.

  6. GIF, as in that thing you don't know to pronounce as "jif" or "gif."

  7. ATM, as in the thing you get cash from.

  8. GMO, as in that thing your mom tells you to avoid.

  9. LED, as in that TV you're debating buying.

  10. DVD, as in the thing you bought a bunch of in the 2000s.

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