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    Cookie Monster Just Did A Reddit AMA And It's So Pure I Could Cry

    "There cookies in internet? How me get to them!? Me hope they not get deleted..."

    If you don't know it already, Cookie Monster is great at the Internet. Just look at his hilariously pure Twitter:

    Me after me eat cookie:

    And today the Sesame Street star decided to spend some time online doing his very own Reddit AMA, and his responses are so funny and precious.

    ATTENTION! Me doing @reddit AMA right now. Come ask me questions!

    Here's are some of Cookie Monster's best responses:

    1. On his cookie collection:

    2. On cookie texture:

    3. On hosting Saturday Night Live:

    4. On rent prices:

    5. On his second favorite kind of food:

    6. On internet cookies:

    7. On Muppets:

    8. On Jim Henson:

    9. On "sometimes foods":

    10. On being picky:

    11. On oatmeal cookies:

    12. On chocolate chips:

    13. On waffles:

    14. On duets:

    15. On his least favorite cookie:

    16. On Jaffa Cakes:

    17. On cookie construction:

    18. On chocolate chip cookies:

    19. And finally, on sharing: