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    21 People Who Really, Really Thought They Were Saying The Right Thing

    Oops, my b.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community what common phrases they grew up saying wrong their whole lives. Here are some of the best (and funniest) responses:

    1. It's "gung-ho," not "gun-ho."

    2. It's "play it by ear," not "play it by year."

    3. It's "dog-eat-dog world," not "doggy dog world."

    4. It's "the coast is clear," not "the ghost is clear."

    5. It's "chest of drawers," not "Chester drawers."

    6. It's "your Sunday best," not "your Sunday vest."

    7. It's "an old wives' tale," not "an old wise tale."

    8. It's "for all intents and purposes," not "for all intensive purposes."

    9. It's "up and at 'em," not "up and Adam."

    10. It's "pay-per-view," not "paper view."

    11. It's "from the get go," not "from the gecko."

    12. It's "half-assed," not "half-fast."

    13. It's "flesh out," not "flush out."

    14. It's "straight and narrow," not "straightened arrow."

    15. It's "blip on the radar," not "blimp on the radar."

    16. It's "taken for granted," not "taken for granite."

    17. It's "haphazard," not "half-hazard."

    18. It's "rest assured," not "rest to sure."

    19. It's "in layman's terms," not "in lame man's terms."

    20. It's "prima donna," not "pre-Madonna."

    21. It's "quote, unquote," not "quote on quote."

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    Note: submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.