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    This Family Dresses Up As “Inside Out,” “The Incredibles,” And “Harry Potter” Characters And It’s So Heartwarming

    Family of the year, right here.

    Everyone, say hello to the Galvin family from Las Vegas!

    This year they showed up to San Diego Comic-Con not as characters from just one movie franchise...BUT FROM FOUR MOVIE FRANCHISES!!!

    Steve Galvin, an emergency medicine physician who's retired from the air force, and Susan Galvin, a family physician, have enjoyed coming to Comic-Con for the past three years with their kids Lillian, Riley, and Emma.

    This year they came as characters from Harry Potter...

    ...Inside Out...

    ...Star Wars...

    ... and The Incredibles!!!

    "We enjoy making people happy," said Steve. "Yesterday we did Harry Potter, and there were some really tiny girls in Harry Potter stuff, and they were just wowed by it, and that was just fun to be a part of."

    "The world is rough right now, and it’s so fun to be a little bit of the escape and a little bit of the joy," said Susan. "This is our outlet. Everyone has to have a hobby, and this is ours."

    Go, Galvins, go!