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Only Adults Bad At Adulting Will Truly Understand These Jokes

"Adulthood is trying each of the same six passwords that you use for everything."

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3. When you're unnecessarily winded:

4. When you have to hack your own Facebook page:

Adulthood is trying each of the same six passwords that you use for everything and complaining that you're tired.


6. When you let your voicemail do all the work:

Apparently being an adult means googling phone numbers that call you rather than answering them.

7. When you still haven't figured out why your back hurts:

Injuries as a kid: fouled on a layup fell off trampoline pulled muscle running Injuries as an adult: slept wrong sat too long coughed


10. When you have this sad realization:

Adulthood is just clicking this button everyday until you eventually die

12. When your adulthood comes with a five-step plan:

Exciting perks of adulthood: 1. Busy! Busy all the time! What are you even doing? You don't know! 2. Very tired. 3. Some kinda stomach ache??? 4. Definitely sad about something. 5. Bills! Bills all the time! What are you even paying for? You don't know!


13. When you make your own rules:

When I was a kid, I never would have guessed that being an adult and going to bed “whenever I want” would mean 930pm.

15. When you've been ready for this all your life:

When parents say to kids "go to ur room & think about what you've done" it's really good practice for what you'll do every night as an adult


22. When your life becomes scripted:

adulthood is emailing "sorry for the delayed response!" back and forth until one of you dies


25. When you hope for the best:

True mark of adulthood: instead of your parents scheduling your doctor's appointments, you just avoid going to the doctor & hope u don't die

26. When your goals become more attainable:

Age 15: someday I'm going to own a Ferrari Age 20: maybe I'll get a BMW someday Age 25: I hope someone in a Mercedes hits me in a crosswalk