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    Here Are All The Super Bowl Commercials Everyone Will Be Talking About

    You know, so you have stuff to talk about on Monday.

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    1. Audi's empowering "Daughter" ad promoted equal pay for women.

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    2. Airbnb's "We Accept" commercial was in clear support of its new nondiscrimination policy.

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    3. It's A 10 Haircare's commercial reminded us "we're in for at least four years of awful hair."

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    4. Honda made us feel all the feels with celebrities speaking to us via their old yearbook pics.

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    5. Coca-Cola celebrated America's diversity with a revival of its 2014 ad "America Is Beautiful."

    Today millions cheer together, because together is beautiful. #AmericaIsBeautiful

    6. 84 Lumber's "The Entire Journey" told a story about a mother and daughter's journey to leave their country.

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    The last half of the ad did not air after being deemed too controversial by Fox.

    7. Budweiser told the tale of the company's immigrant founder.

    This is the story of our founder and his pursuit of the American Dream. #ThisBudsForYou

    8. Mr. Clean's "Cleaner of Your Dreams" really sexed things up.

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    9. T-Mobile took a look at the evolution of end zone dances.

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    10. And finally, the NFL's newest Super Bowl babies ad made everyone around the country say, "Aww." (Probably.)

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