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Where Is The Craziest Place You've Had Sex While Traveling?

Where in the world have you been getting off?

There's something about traveling somewhere cool and new that makes you want to have sex somewhere cool and new.

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So spare no details and tell us the most noteworthy place you've banged on vacation.

Maybe you stripped down somewhere on the Las Vegas strip and had sex right at a club.

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(Pretty sure that's illegal btw.)

Or maybe you got busy in Bali in a treehouse and it was an orgasmic experience you'll literally never forget.

(Book this one here.)

Or maybe it was just a really great bang in your Airbnb's stupid-huge shower with five different shower heads.

Old Spice / Via

Because you're not gonna NOT have sex in that.

Tell us: Where is the coolest, craziest, most ridiculous place you've had sex while traveling?

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Share it in the comments and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Travel post.

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