The Hottest Gingers Of The Olympics

Ginger nations, y’all!

36. That bulgin’ ginge on the right.

Daniel Noonan (Rowing, Australia)

35. And this ginge with her flowin’ ginge hair.

Clara Hughes (Cycling, Canada)

34. This microphonin’ ginge.

Edward Clancy (Cycling - Track, Great Britain)

33. Oof, and this ginge havin’ perfect gingey lips (and a perfect gingey beard).

Tom Slingsby (Sailing, Australia)

32. Don’t forget this ginge matchin’ his shirt to his drapes.

Matson Lawson (Swimming, Australia)

31. Or this loungin’ ginge.

Daniel Purvis (Gymnastics, Great Britain)

30. Then there’s this ginge takin’ a pic.

Sarah Cook (Rowing, Australia)

29. And that ginge canoein’ up front.

David Schroeder (Canoe Slalom, Germany)

28. This Red Bullin’ ginge.

Jonas Reckermann (Beach Volleyball, Germany)

27. This ginger grinnin’.

Joseph O`regan (Water Polo, Great Britain)

26. This starin’ ginge.

Gavin Noble (Triathlon, Ireland)

25. And this ginger runnin’.

Tristan Thomas (Hurdles, Australia)

24. Here’s a sweet, babyfacin’ ginge.

Gauthier Boccard (Hockey, Belgium)

23. And a ginge just hockey stickin’ around.

Georgia Nanscawen (Hockey, Australia)

22. This ginge is probably catchin’ his breath.

Marco di Carli (Swimming, Germany)

21. And this ginge is holdin’ a medal.

Helen Richardson (Hockey, Great Britain)

20. That ginge in the middle is smilin’ at some girl who’s not me.

Ben Rhodes (Sailing, Great Britain)

19. While this ginge is busy lookin’ like NPH.

Greg Rutherford (Long Jump, Great Britain)

18. Look at this cute flag-wavin’ ginge!

Fionnuala Britton (Running, Ireland)

17. And that ginge on the right who just finished pickin’ flowers.

Annamaria Mazzetti (Triathlon, Italy)

16. This ginge is sailin’ straight into our hearts.

James Espey (Sailing, Ireland)

15. This ginge is bein’ hard.

Lars Petter Nordhaug (Cycling - Road, Norway)

14. And this ginge is casually leanin’.

Lauren Ellis (Cycling - Track, New Zealand)

13. Whoa, a shootin’ ginge!

Malin Westerheim (Shooting, Norway)

12. Phew—a ginge jus’ chillin’.

Jakub Jarosz (Volleyball, Norway)

11. This ginge is doin’ his best Ron Perlman.

Matt Wells (Rowing, Great Britain)

10. And this ginge just finished sayin’, “This is for you, babe.”

Jeroen Mooren (Judo, Netherlands)

9. This ginge is HOLDIN’ A BABY!

Pawel Zagumny (Volleyball, Norway)

8. While that ginge on the far left is celebratin’.

Hrystyna Stuy (Sprinting, Ukraine)

7. Oooh, this ginge is broodin’.

Race Imboden (Fencing, United States)

6. Haha, and look at this one just a’splishin’ and a’splashin’.

Cameron van der Burgh (Swimming, South Africa)

5. This ginge is almost stickin’ her tongue out.

Caroline Lind (Rowing, United States)

4. This ginge is super serious about bein’ interviewed.

Tyler Farrar (Cycling - Road, United States)

3. This ginge is thinkin’ about dinner.

Matthew Tegenkamp (Running, United States)

2. And this ginge is kinda lookin’ like Dane Cook, but mostly just modelin’.

Darian Townsend (Swimming, South Africa)


Prince Harry (Everything Always, The Hearts of Ginger Lovers Everywhere)

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