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    20 Struggles You'll Recognize If You Still Have No Idea How To Do Your Own Makeup

    Even Cinderella needed a fairy-godmother for this crap.

    1. You're instantly overwhelmed walking into a cosmetics store.

    2. And when you watch a YouTube tutorial you always feel like they missed a step.

    3. False eyelashes are beyond you.

    4. And you're completely baffled by more advanced techniques.

    5. Applying your contour just makes you look like you have dirt all over your face.

    6. You still use the same eyeshadow palette your mom gave you in the 6th grade.

    7. You're completely mystified by where girls are finding the bank roll to pay for all their expensive makeup.

    8. And honestly, what even is primer??

    9. Your winged eyeliner always looks like its gone through major turbulence.

    10. And you constantly use too much highlighter, which makes you feel like a Twilight vampire.

    11. You're never able to find your perfect foundation color.

    12. You always accidentally go overboard while lining your lips.

    13. Your eyebrows are usually two different shapes after you fill them in.

    14. You always find yourself using way too much concealer.

    15. You just don't understand why you need 50 different brushes.

    16. Looking in the mirror and realizing you look like a clown.

    17. You make the weirdest faces trying to get your mascara on.

    18. You always forget your makeup is on and start touching your face.

    19. Looking like you've been in a cooking accident after you try to finish with powder.

    20. And you constantly feel jealous of other girls with flawless makeup.

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