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    An Open Letter To All "Game Of Thrones" Fans

    You've probably seen the "Starks Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" post. As its maker, I'd like to try to explain myself. I'm sorry I made you sad.

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Hello, my name is Caroline, but you may know me better as the asshole who made this:

    And, yes, you're right. I am the asshole who made that. I'm sorry. Hence this letter to you, the person whose feelings I hurt by making that graphic.

    Let me give you a little back story: I made that graphic about nine months ago, in September. To this day, I can't tell you exactly what made me want to make it. Well maybe it was because I saw this:

    And I thought to myself, "Wow! That's hilarious!!!" And then, lord knows why, I decided to make a similar graphic for the Starks. So first and foremost, I did not come up with the original idea for the graphic. In that case, credit goes to whomever runs this blog (we've never met). But you should now that I, like you, dear reader, have no idea why I decided to make the graphic. I guess it was a "laugh to cry to keep from crying" situation.

    And so I made it. I carefully went through episodes of "Game of Thrones" looking for just the right caps. I colored each cap individually. I picked out a nice font. And then I saved it as something like "i hate myself.png" and then, well, I posted it on tumblr. Now I would not classify myself as "tumblr famous" (but tbh I think anyone who would should slow their roll), and since my graphics often go unnoticed, I didn't think anything would happen really.

    Oh, how I was wrong.

    The post had like 5,000 notes overnight. I thought it was cool at first. I had never made a graphic that had gotten that many notes. It was pretty sweet. Sure, people got mad. There were lots of tags and comments on reblogs of people saying "why would you," "whoever made this is a terrible person," etc. I thought it was funny. And then the post kind of died out. It still got some notes every now and then, but for the most part people had moved on.

    And then the Red Wedding happened.

    I should let you know that I was just as upset about the Red Wedding as you were. I cried in my room for what felt like forever. And, no, it didn't help that I knew it was coming. That probably made it worse, actually, because all season I'd been doing this thing where Robb would come on screen and I would automatically start bawling my eyes out.

    So basically, I was extremely upset. What upset me even more was that all of a sudden, my graphic was all over tumblr again. And this time, not just tumblr. Oh no, it's all over the internet now.

    Thanks for the credit guys, luh you!!!!

    It's even appeared right here on buzzfeed a couple times!

    The graphic has been all over the internet: tumblr, twitter, facebook, reddit, etc. Even George Takei (!!!!) posted it on his facebook page.


    I don't think I'll ever stop laughing about this, ever.

    So the graphic has been all over the internet, and my trusty tumblr followers have sent me several places where it has shown up. And all the pages I've gone to have one thing in common: people saying it's a terrible joke about the Red Wedding and that it's "too soon." Lately it's been feeling a bit like I'm the Joffrey of tumblr.

    (8 months ago is too soon I guess)

    So here's the point of this letter, dear reader:

    1. I didn't make that as a reaction to the Red Wedding. No, I was much too sad to think about making jokes, or to even think about getting out of bed.

    2. You're right though, it is a horrible joke, but the point was to make you laugh to keep from crying.

    3. I'm sorry you laughed so hard that you started crying again (probably idk).

    4. I'm sorry I made you sad, I truly didn't mean to.

    5. Like I'm really, really sorry. Seriously.

    So finally, I would just like to say that I love the Starks so much. Like, don't even talk to me about the Starks, I will probably start crying. This graphic was not meant to make fun of the Starks or be mean to the Starks or anything like that. And I, like you (hopefully), pray that some day all the Starks will come back together - be they alive, dead, or (spoilers?) undead - and they will all ride direwolves into the sunset while laughing at their enemies and then they will live happily ever after.

    Once again, I'm sorry I made you sad.

    Love always,



    Here's a hilarious picture of Jaime Lannister as Buster Bluth to make you feel better. (Also, this is how I feel about making that graphic.)

    p.s. I feel I should say that I did not write this post to promote my own tumblr or just to toot my own horn in general. This post is purely to explain myself and try to apologize for hurting a lot of people's feelings. Once again: sorry.