25 Steps To Get Over Your Intense "Game Of Thrones" Depression

It’s going to be OK.

So, if you tuned into Game of Thrones last night, you probably feel a bit like ol’ craven Sam here:

ID: 1233980

And you probably understand your emotions less than you can understand the characters’ accents:

ID: 1233958

But what do we say to your grief?

ID: 1233964

Let’s work this out.

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1. First of all, realize the show you’ve been watching:

ID: 1233947

2. Now you’re going to need to look at this picture of Jon Snow wearing a shirt with Rob Stark on it:

ID: 1233785

3. And you’re going to need to look at what Hot Pie’s future holds:

ID: 1233771

4. Check out this picture of the Stark women blowing bubbles:

ID: 1233803

5. And the Stark men taking a selfie, complete with some Jon Snow duckface:

ID: 1233793

6. Now look at Sam the Slayer absolutely swimmin’ in women:

Mike Coppola / Getty Images
ID: 1233797

7. You might want to eat a heaping bowl of your favorite cereal:

ID: 1233829

8. Or look at this picture of hipster Jon Snow:

ID: 1233823

9. Let’s take things back a step for a second. At LEAST the Frey’s wedding didn’t get photobombed by an Alpaca:

ID: 1233859

10. Or by a horse:

ID: 1233880

11. Or by a cat:

ID: 1233906

12. OK, maybe the Red Wedding was a whole lot worse than that. Man, I’m feeling a whole lot like Joffrey now:

ID: 1233773

13. Let’s get back on track. You’re going to need to see this picture of Khal Drago doing the radical sign:

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
ID: 1233806

14. And this telephone pole ad:

ID: 1233825

15. If none of this is working, try looking at these clips of Tywin Lannister doing a striptease:

ID: 1233782

Actually, I take that back. Never look at these:

ID: 1233783

16. Remember that you still have this beautiful love story:

ID: 1233777

17. Or this one too:

ID: 1233780

18. And keep in mind that the next big Taylor Swift song might be written about the Red Wedding:

ID: 1233775

19. Still sad? Look at Jon Snow discovering an iPhone:

ID: 1233844

20. Or this picture of the gang shootin’ some pool:

ID: 1233792

21. And remember, at least your prediction of what happened this season wasn’t as bad as what this guy predicted:

ID: 1233426

22. OK, now check out the Lannisters in Snuggies:

ID: 1233842

23. And Arya and Sansa taking a mirror pic:

ID: 1233786

24. And this basset hound dressed like Sherlock Holmes:

ID: 1234107

25. And if none of that works, here’s Peter Dinklage walking a dog:

Tyrion walking a dog always works. Always.

ID: 1233929

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