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    • carolinet7

      I’m sorry but if you’re favorite book is ‘Pride and Prejudice’ an English Classic by Jane Austen,that just shows that you love history and exploring what life was like 200 years ago, through the eyes ofanormal woman who lived in that time period, met those people and prided herself on studying the characters of people she new. Just because social media has portrayed her work and nothing but romantic nonsense, it doesn’t mean it is such. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ exploresalot of themes, romance being an undertone rather than the key theme, which is the troubles and hardships faced by young women and family’s of lesser means in the Georgian society. Ihighly doubt that you have read or understood any of these book but have only made quick judgement based on it’s cover rather than it’s context.
      This article has made you come across as not intellectual but ignorant and unforgiving of those who’s opinions differ from yours. Harry Potter for instance has inspired thousands of young people to write, it is their child hood not just some “glorified television show” for five year old’s as you have described it! You have completely missed the point of this book,its about bravery and understanding people. The perks of beingawallflower gives you an incite into the mindset of young people that are so often ignored. You are being obnoxious in your article and must understand the vital difference between an opinion and blatant slander.
      To be frank if the above were not in your list of favorite books it would beared flag for me.Iwould also like to know what your favorite book is?

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