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What Do You Want People To Know About ADD/ADHD?

Because it's so much more than just being "easily distracted."

If you are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, you know that it can be a very complicated and personal disorder.

So you may have also had to deal with some judgement or stereotypes from people who don't understand ADD/ADHD.

But we want to set the record straight. So tell us, what do you wish people knew about the disorder?

Maybe you wish more people understood that it's a legitimate neurological condition that changes your brain.

Or that there are actually three different types of ADD/ADHD.

Maybe you want people to understand that it impacts every part of your life and relationships — not just school.

Perhaps you wish more people understood what your medication does and why you need it.

Or maybe you just want people to know that having ADD/ADHD doesn't make you any less intelligent.

No matter how long you've been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, we want to know what you think other people should understand about the disorder and how it affects your life.

Tell us in the comments section or submit your thoughts with a photo in the Dropbox below.

Sometimes, it's easier to express or explain what it's like to live with ADD/ADHD through photos (like I did here!) So feel free to either tell us in words via the comments section or send us a photo and description using the Dropbox!

If you’re having trouble uploading your photo, you can email it to caroline.kee@buzzfeed.com with the subject line “ADHD Post Submission.”

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