17 Illustrations That Are Incredibly Real For Anyone With ADD

    No, you're not just ~distracted AF~.

    1. ADD is more complicated than most people think.

    2. You can focus, but there are so many little everyday things that can quickly change that.

    3. Retrieving thoughts — like when you're answering a question or talking to someone — isn't very easy.

    4. Routine is incredibly important.

    5. And, OK yes, your train of thought as you tell a story can get a little confusing for others.

    6. Sure, "zoning out" happens, but you're not just being spacey.

    7. Making up your mind is usually pretty complicated:

    8. And you might get super anxious over things that seem like NBD to most people.

    9. You can't always choose what your mind decides to focus on.

    10. Medication may help, but not really in the way that most people assume:

    11. When it comes to organization, you're usually hanging at one end of the extreme or the other.

    12. Sometimes you have more ideas than you know what to do with.

    13. FYI: People with ADD are not just limited to certain careers.

    14. Going to bed can be a struggle.

    15. People with ADD are very complex and intuitive — even though it's easy to get lost in one's head.

    16. And it means the world when other people get that.

    17. Because you're just like everybody else. While some things might be a little more difficult...

    You have incredible strengths, too.