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25 Things People Definitely Weren't Supposed To Eat

"Many years later, I still feel unclean."

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the craziest, weirdest, and most bizarre things they've accidentally swallowed. Here are some of the best responses:

1. Glowstick fluid.

2. Two teeth...from another person.

3. A 2,000-year-old person.

4. A can of old tobacco spit.

5. A gulp of soda with a sharp surprise.

6. An entire toothbrush.

7. Literal human urine in a soda bottle.

8. Cat litter...after it was thrown up by a dog.

"I once thought there was rock candy on the floor because it looked like sugary crystals and my friend dared me to try it. It was disgustingly sour and stuck to my tongue. Her mom later told us that the dog had been getting into the kitty litter box — and throwing it up on the floor. So I ate used cat litter that had been thrown up by a dog. And I thought eating rock candy off the floor was bad enough!"


9. A cheat sheet that was useless anyways.

"I once swallowed an entire cheat sheet for my English test, and I ended up making an A on it anyway."


10. A big ol' buzzing cicada.

11. An entire dentist's tool, which got entirely stuck.

12. All of the Sea-Monkeys.

13. Gold, diamonds, and rubies.

14. An entire retainer.

15. Dirty fish tank water.

16. Root beer with a hint of car engine.

17. A septum ring...during a steamy hookup.

18. A micro SD card that still worked after it came out.

19. Flea medicine for dogs.

20. Cat poop.

21. The keys to handcuffs...while they were on.

22. A very buoyant earplug.

23. A tiny husband.

24. A silica gel packet–flavored Oreo.

"I put a bag of Oreos in my backpack and forgot about them. A day or two later, after drinking, I found the Oreos in my bag but the pack had spilled. Drunk me didn't care, so I ate an Oreo but realized that it was weird. I looked at another one I had pulled from the depths of my bag and realized the silica gel pack that came with my backpack had opened and the beads were stuck all over the icing! I ATE AN OREO WITH SILICA GEL SPRINKLES."

—Tegan Lovekamp, Facebook


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