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25 Things People Definitely Weren't Supposed To Eat

"Many years later, I still feel unclean."

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the craziest, weirdest, and most bizarre things they've accidentally swallowed. Here are some of the best responses:

1. Glowstick fluid.

Cool Glow / Via

"I put half of a glowstick in my mouth to crack it, and ended up bursting the whole thing. I think my pee glowed for a little after that?"


2. Two teeth...from another person.


"Two teeth. Not my own."


3. A 2,000-year-old person.

Nickelodeon / Via

"I once accidentally swallowed bone dust from a 2,000-year-old individual while analyzing an archaeological site in college. It was not appropriate."


4. A can of old tobacco spit.

HBO / Via

"I was 6 and saw a can of pop in the cup holder in the car and assumed it was pop, so I took a big gulp. It was my dad’s tobacco spit from two days before."


5. A gulp of soda with a sharp surprise. / Via

"I was sewing and had straight pins held between my lips. For a brief 'duh' moment, I took a drink of soda and swallowed three pins. Went to the ER and one had to be removed because it was stuck in my throat but the other two passed — very uncomfortably."


6. An entire toothbrush.

7. Literal human urine in a soda bottle.

NBC / Via Twitter: @drunk

"We were partying at my parents' house and the next morning I woke up with the hangover thirst from hell, so I went for a two-liter bottle of Sprite. Got a good way through chugging it before realizing it was not Sprite, but pee. Nasty liquor-laden pee. On a dry, hungover, and queasy palette. Many years later, I still feel unclean."


8. Cat litter...after it was thrown up by a dog.

"I once thought there was rock candy on the floor because it looked like sugary crystals and my friend dared me to try it. It was disgustingly sour and stuck to my tongue. Her mom later told us that the dog had been getting into the kitty litter box — and throwing it up on the floor. So I ate used cat litter that had been thrown up by a dog. And I thought eating rock candy off the floor was bad enough!"


9. A cheat sheet that was useless anyways.

"I once swallowed an entire cheat sheet for my English test, and I ended up making an A on it anyway."


10. A big ol' buzzing cicada.

11. An entire dentist's tool, which got entirely stuck.

FOX / Via

"I was having a cavity filled and the dental assistant had a clamp on my tooth. Somehow the clamp popped off and went right down my throat! The receptionist drove me to the hospital because I was dropped off at the dentist. By the time I went for X-rays you could see it was in the area between my breasts and needed to be surgically removed!"


12. All of the Sea-Monkeys.

Instagram: @viridianostudio / Via

"I ordered some Sea-Monkeys when I was a kid. The kit said to ‘aerate’ the tank once per day by blowing in a special straw that came with it. Naturally, I sucked instead of blowing and swallowed a mouthful of live brine shrimp."


13. Gold, diamonds, and rubies.

CW / Maury Show / Via

"I swallowed a gold, ruby, and diamond ring. I was in ninth grade and playing around with the ring, [which] my mom lent me and it flipped down my throat. My mom blamed my ADHD."


14. An entire retainer.

Instagram: @staplesorthodontics / Via

"I swallowed my retainer in middle school. I woke up in the middle of the night with chest pain and told my parents, but they wrote it off because I had been coughing a lot. The next day we tore my room apart looking for the retainer. I ended up getting an X-ray and there it was, chilling in my large intestine."


15. Dirty fish tank water.

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @GhetoSpongebob

"As a kid, I was cleaning out a fish tank, using one cup to drink water and another to scoop out the dirty, scummy water in the bottom of the tank. Guess which one I drank out of?"


16. Root beer with a hint of car engine.

CBS / Via

"Dirty motor oil. Thanks, Dad, for dumping out my root beer to use the bottle..."


17. A septum ring...during a steamy hookup.

"I was hooking up with a guy and my septum ring slipped out and into the back of my throat, where I swallowed it. It felt like it was caught in my throat, but he wouldn’t take me to the hospital so my best friend took me. I couldn’t come up with a good lie and had to awkwardly explain how it happened to every nurse and doctor in the hospital. My mom still shows this picture to everyone."


18. A micro SD card that still worked after it came out.

Cartoon Network / Via

"I keep music for work on a micro SD card, and one day I put it with my pills in a small container. That night I took the pills and went to sleep. Didn’t realize until the next day, when I wanted to listen to music, that I had swallowed the SD card! Went to the doctor, they did an X-ray and sure enough it was there! It came out two days later and after a thorough cleaning, continued to work!"


19. Flea medicine for dogs.

"Once I accidentally took the dog’s flea pill. I realized instantly so I called poison control to find out if I would die. The person who answered the phone listened to my story and burst out laughing. Fortunately, I did not die."


20. Cat poop. / Via

"I was playing hide-and-seek in my mom’s closet. She had just gone on a walk and stepped in cat poop. Thinking it was chocolate, I decided to eat it off of the shoe. Yep, I ate cat shit."


21. The keys to handcuffs...while they were on.

Twitter: @bulletzjm

"I accidentally swallowed the key to the handcuffs I was wearing."


22. A very buoyant earplug.

Alistair Forrester Shankie / Getty Images / Via

"My neighbors are super loud and I’m a light sleeper, so I sleep with earplugs. One night I woke up, but I was half-asleep — one of the earplugs had fallen out so I picked it up and just swallowed it then passed back out. The next morning I vaguely remembered swallowing it, but couldn’t figure out whether it was a dream until I pooped a floating earplug."


23. A tiny husband.

NBC / Via

"I accidentally swallowed one of those plastic Game of Life pieces that you put in your car to represent people. I was lying on my back fiddling with it and it slipped and just went right down my throat. It's been 20 years and my sister still makes fun of me for 'accidentally eating my husband.'"

—Lindsey Scales, Facebook

24. A silica gel packet–flavored Oreo.

"I put a bag of Oreos in my backpack and forgot about them. A day or two later, after drinking, I found the Oreos in my bag but the pack had spilled. Drunk me didn't care, so I ate an Oreo but realized that it was weird. I looked at another one I had pulled from the depths of my bag and realized the silica gel pack that came with my backpack had opened and the beads were stuck all over the icing! I ATE AN OREO WITH SILICA GEL SPRINKLES."

—Tegan Lovekamp, Facebook


"A roach. Literally a roach."


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