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Feb 2013
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    lisar21 commented on Tell Us The Weirdest Thing You've Accidentally Swallowed

    Once when I still thought I could safely multitask, I accidentally took the dog's flea pill. I realized instantly what I'd done so I called poison control to find out if I would die. The person who answered the phone listened to my story and burst out laughing. Fortunately I did not… 

    5 years ago

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    lisar21 commented on Who Has The Best Hot Dog? LA, Chicago, Or NYC?

    this is ridiculous -- Reykjavic has the best hot dogs on the planet:

    6 years ago

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    lisar21 commented on 19 Types Of Candy That Should Be Wiped Off The Planet

    oh. my. god. What is wrong with you? Black jellybeans are the ONLY good flavour of jelly beans!!! Or jujubes or even DOTS for that matter -- but at least the DOTS people will let you buy a whole box of Black Crows so you don't have to fish them out from jelly genpop.. Lemonheads… 

    8 years ago

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