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Tell Us The Weirdest Thing You've Accidentally Swallowed


Swallowing is mainly for the purpose of getting food and liquid from our mouth to our stomach.

But sometimes accidents happen and you swallow something that you definitely were not supposed to.

Maybe you accidentally swallowed your retainer one night.

Or you wolfed down a piece of food that contained a ~surprise object~.

Maybe you ate one of those hollow chocolate eggs as a kid, along with the little toy that came inside it.

Perhaps the object you swallowed sent you to the hospital, where you ended up seeing it on an X-ray.

Or maybe you just found it in your poop later.

We want to know about all the crazy, strange, and downright unnatural things you've accidentally put down the hatch.

For example: One time I swallowed a penny because I heard putting it your mouth makes a thermometer read a higher temperature and I wanted to stay home sick from school.

So tell us: What is the craziest thing you've ever swallowed by accident?

Share your stories in the comments section, or submit your story with a photo using the Dropbox below. We'll be featuring our favorites in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.