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What Are Your Best Tips For Managing Your ADHD At Work?

Everyone has their own way.

Adults with ADD/ADHD thrive in a variety of different careers and professional fields.

But it often takes a lot of hard work, organization, and focusing strategies to stay on track.

Even simple tasks and time management can be overwhelming.

And since ADHD varies by individual, everyone has different ways to manage their symptoms at work.

Perhaps you've come up with an awesome time management skill, like working in 30-minute intervals.

Maybe you take exercise breaks to get out that extra energy so it's easier to sit still during the work day.

Or maybe you have a great organizational hack for your work space that keeps you focused and productive.

And there's no shame in communicating with coworkers about your ADHD so that you can work effectively.

No matter what type of career you have, we want to hear about all your best strategies for time management, focus, and organization.

So tell us: What are your best tips for managing your ADHD at work?

Share your answer in the comments and it might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.