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    This DIY Head Massager Is So Easy To Make, It Will Give You Chills

    You will squirm and squeak and skidaddle and skeedledeedoop.

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    Don't you want to feel like this always?

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    It will take you literally 12 seconds and a whisk.

    You'll need a few things:

    # Old/cheap whisk, $5.22

    # Wire cutters, $7.09

    # Hot glue, $8.99

    # Paper

    1. Use your wire cutters ($7.09) to cut the ends of each loop.

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    2. Use the handles of the wire cutter to gently press each wire out to form a gentle slope.

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    3. Load up your glue gun and lay a few globs out on a sheet of paper. While still hot, poke the ends of each wire into the glue to form a bead.

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    Give it a minute to dry.

    4. Fall in love.

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    Who needs humans when you have your head massager.

    BuzzFeed / Nifty


    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    Check out the full video here.

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    You will get chills when you see what else we've got on BuzzFeed Nifty.