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    • Caro11

      I’m deaf. First thing- why wasn’t the video captioned? It’s inaccesible to the deaf people. -_- way to go, guys.  Second thing, what I can glean from the video is that there’s a misconception that cochlear implant can make deaf people hear again. It worked for her because she used to be able to hear. I want to emphasize that cochlear implant wasn’t always successful or a perfect match for deaf people, especially those who are profoundly deaf or/and deaf from birth.  People- if you do have a deaf child, please please wait until the child is old enough to make a decision whether to get a cochlear implant or not. Cochlear implant is a huge decision, expensive, and has risks, cause injuries from the surgery, and generally have an about 60% success rate- not a great rate.  Please please teach your deaf child sign language first so s/he can have an access to language ASAP. Can always learn how to speak later. I am very thankful that my parents did that for me.

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