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    26 Things Diddy Does On Instagram That Normal People Couldn't

    No one quite drinks orange juice like Diddy does.

    1. Enjoy a glass of orange juice with Jay Z.

    2. Play a concert while holding a pineapple.

    3. Completely miss the point of Scarface.

    4. Pose in fur coats and gold chains with your kids.

    5. Fan cast himself in romantic comedies from 2003.

    6. Hang out with your own personal mariachi band.

    7. Retell a pivotal moment in history so succinctly.

    8. Rock a fly pair of shades on a dentist visit.

    9. Hold up New York traffic so joyfully.

    10. Dress like a Super Fly to wish us Merry Christmas.

    11. Get a haircut on a private yacht for New Year's.

    12. Drink tequila right from the bottle dressed as a cowboy.

    13. Show off your editorial skills with such panache.

    14. Have a quick freestyle session with Hulk Hogan.

    15. Sport cucumber patches all the way from Milan.

    16. Make professional standard gym videos, just for the #progress tag.

    17. Jog in the middle of a busy street, just to sell concert tickets.

    18. Deliver motivational speeches while getting a tattoo.

    19. Give salient advice about what to do when fighting a bear.

    20. Get a doctorate with such swagger.

    21. This.

    22. Turn Honey Nut Cheerios into a excellent photo prop.

    23. Star in your own vodka advert.

    24. Roll Batman & Robin style with Biggie.

    25. Upload this many lion photos.

    26. And finally, answer us when we question why he does all this.