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    Fashion Website Forced To Apologise After Saying Beyoncé Copied Kylie Jenner's Lips

    Styleite claimed it was being sarcastic.

    Last week, online fashion website Styleite reported that Beyoncé had mimicked Kylie Jenner's lips in a photo uploaded to the singer's website.

    The report showed concern over Beyoncé's use of lip liner:

    Beyoncé is evidently feeling herself in this embellished Tom Ford dress, and we are all about her new blunt bob weave. However we're a little concerned about what's going on with the lipliner on her top lip. Bangin' color, slightly bizarre shape.

    "Somewhere Kris Jenner is feeling very proud," Styleite wrote, referencing Jenner's famous lip liner.

    People weren't thrilled at the insinuation that Beyoncé had copied Kylie Jenner.

    “@Styleite: Beyoncé tries Kylie Jenner lips:”

    Many argued that Jenner's look had imitated Beyoncé's in the first place.

    @littleshepp_ more like kylie Jenner copied Beyoncé's natural lips to begin with lol?????

    Beyonce was actually born with lips, Kylie paid for hers. You tried. RT @Styleite: Beyoncé tries Kylie Jenner lips:

    And others expressed disbelief and confusion at the article's content.

    “@Styleite: Beyoncé tries Kylie Jenner lips:” beyonce? tries? kylie jenner? lips??? but...

    A number of commentors called for the story to be deleted on the grounds that it was racially insensitive.

    @Styleite delete your Beyoncé post. She was born with those lips idiots.

    “@Styleite: Beyoncé tries Kylie Jenner lips:” It would be best to delete this, & the article as well.

    delete this garbage. RT @Styleite: Beyoncé tries Kylie Jenner lips:

    Two days later, Styleite responded to online criticism by updating the article with the following message:

    We have had a lot of criticism about this post on Twitter due to legitimate concerns about the erasure of black women's features. We recently posted a couple of articles emphasizing this exact point, and highlighting the hypocrisy of society deeming certain things to be more acceptable on white women.

    The website clarified its intentions:

    Our intention with this post was purely to point out that Beyoncé has obviously overlined her lips, which she has done in the past. We have updated the post to emphasize that "Kylie Jenner lips" is a sarcastic reference to makeup only, and as much a dig at Kylie as it is a post about Beyoncé.

    Hannah Ongley, the author of the story, told BuzzFeed News the uproar began when a tweet containing only a screengrab of the report went viral.

    She said the broader issue of erasure of black women's features was "one I care deeply about so I updated [the article] to ensure that there was clarity and no misunderstanding".