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    18 "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Quotes That Will Take Your Swearing To New Levels?

    Beloved aunt. (NSFW language)

    1. Curb Your Enthusiasm took sweary television to new heights.

    2. It consistently elevated the form to new heights.

    3. And frequently flipped old creeds on their head.


    4. Where else could you get the sex/work dynamic so artistically taken down?

    5. Or hospital awkwardness taken to new frontiers?


    6. Curb reminded you that there's no place a good swear couldn't improve.

    7. Not even an obituary.


    8. Susie Greene redefined the swear game almost singlehandedly.





    13. While Leon gave Back to the Future fans this rib tickler.

    14. Curb was a show that had no time for keeping it clean.

    15. There was no insult too pithy or dirty for it.

    16. Because we're all adults now. Life is too short to sugarcoat things.

    17. A good swear helps us cut through the bullshit of life.

    18. And put people in their place.

    So thanks Larry for giving us Curb and all its swears.