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19 Awesome Handshakes To Try Out With Your Friends

Who needs a codeword when you can pull off stuff like this?

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1. Let's start off with this sterling effort from The West Wing cast.

Is there anything President Bartlet can't do?

2. This one is pretty cute.

Bonus points for the butt-grab.

3. This badboy combines backslaps with the fusion dance from Dragonball Z.

4. Just graduated? How about this one?

5. Want more dance moves? How about this one inspired by the nae nae?

6. Ready to try interlocking fingers?

9. The Chicago Cubs like to warm up the hands too. / Via

10. Next, we have this spinning effort between Jerry Lamb and Perry Jones.

Fox Sports / Via

We call it "Titan Towers".

11. Don't fancy all that jumping? How about a more lowkey one from Dortmund's Marco Reus.

Bundesliga / Via

13. Matt Duchene and Paul Stastny's handshake even works on ice. / Via

They call this one the "Bang Bang".

14. Shake and bake anyone?

15. How about Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots? / Via

Thank you Florida State Baseball.

16. More than two people? Here, check out this cheerleader effort.

17. This one, between Young Thug and Birdman is like a tutting routine.


18. Then there's "The Newsreader".

View this video on YouTube

Turns out newsreaders spend adverts breaks doing really elaborate handshakes. Who knew?

Tiger Woods seems to agree.