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  • Ignore 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Fear The U.S.’s Propaganda Machine

    September 11 2011. The stinging date that will forever be linked to the single worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil ever encountered. For the last ten years, 9/11 conspiracy theories have held that the U.S. government played a role in the attacks, or even carried them out itself, all to promote a war in the Middle East, beginning in Afghanistan. While the theories have been proven dead wrong by hard evidence and science, they were on to something when they questioned the U.S.’s use of the attacks to promote illegal wars in the Middle East – Too bad most Americans won’t listen to that last part. MORE

  • What Obama Wants From The American Jobs Act

    President Barack Obama presented his plan to get the economy working again by helping Americans who are unemployed and giving businesses incentives to hire again. The American Jobs Act, which comes with a $447 billion price tag, involves a fresh look at the tax code, reforming Medicare and reviewing all regulations. As expected President Obama’s jobs speech was short and to the point – Americans need help finding work and Congress has to give it to them. In approximately 45 minutes, President Obama encouraged Americans to use their voice and tell the government that they want results, as he outlined how spending $447 billion would help give the economy in America a “jolt.” MORE

  • Ten Years Later: Images From September 11

    On Sunday a nation is set to remember September 11, 2001 with a series of events including an address from President Obama. It is hard to imagine that the attacks on America happened ten years ago. The ten year anniversary of September 11, 2001 happens this Sunday and it is hard for many to imagine that it’s been “just” 10 years. The September 11 attacks touched Americans and the world, as the terrorist attack led to fear of Muslims, a war with Iraq and long security lines at airports. MORE

  • DeMint, Other Republicans Ready To Skip President Obama’s Job Speech

    A few Republicans are saying they will skip President Obama’s job speech on Thursday. Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina said he is just too “frustrated” to attend. President Obama’s job speech isn’t off to the best start. While dealing with his lowest approval ratings ever, President Obama is trying to get the attention of Republicans in Congress. The joint address was originally scheduled for September 7, but at the request of Republicans, the job’s speech was moved to September 8. Despite the schedule flexibility, some Republicans have said they will be a no show for the President’s speech regardless. Jim DeMint, the Tea Party Republican Senator from South Carolina, is one such hold out. MORE

  • Health Tips: How Often Should You Eat Red Meat?

    With so many stories in the news about Bill Clinton becoming a vegan and headlines about the health benefits and dangers of red meat, this makes a carnivore like myself wonder, how often should I eat red meat? How much read meat should I consume? Should I even eat it at all? MORE

  • Al Jazeera Reporter Not Allowed To Talk About 9/11 At Texas Football Game

    Al Jazeera is learning that you “don’t mess with Texas” after the news organization was booted from a Friday night football game in Booker, Texas for wanting to cover the game for their 9/11 series. An Al Jazeera reporter wanted to film some of the game and speak to people about September 11, but was denied the opportunity by school officials after learning he was from the Al Jazeera network. Students at Booker High School in Texas are told “all students can learn and be successful in a climate of courtesy and mutual respect.” Take that as a “do as your told, not as you see” with Booker Superintendent Michael Lee refusing to allow a reporter from Al Jazeera to film a football game, and speak to those in the crowd about 9/11, simply because of the reporter’s association with the news organization based in Qatar. MORE

  • TechCrunch Future In Doubt Without Founder Michael Arrington

    TechCrunch blogger MG Siegler writes that everyone at TechCrunch, even Arrington, is in the dark about the future of the site. AOL’s head of media, Arianna Huffington, has said she’s looking for a replacement for Arrington, and it’s not actually clear whether Arrington still works for AOL or TechCrunch at this point. He blamed the brouhaha on “nonsensical political infighting and really poor communication.”

  • Operation White Cake: Man Surprises His Fiance With A Surprise Wedding (VIDEO)

    Shawn planned Operation White Cake for over a year. He wanted to get married to his fiance Colleen, but just not in a usual way. Colleen’s favorite movie is ‘Princess Bride,’ taking many cues from the film he spent a year asking her what she would want at her wedding. Secretly Shawn made Colleen plan her own wedding. With a gentle fear of Colleen saying ‘no,’ Shawn put Operation White Cake in action on August 13, 2011 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. All the time Colleen kept thinking that she was heading to a retirement party and had no idea that 200 of her family and friends were waiting for her to get married.

  • Lady Gaga Dresses As A Nun, Offends Catholics

    Lady Gaga has never ceased to shock people with her gimmicks, with time each gimmick seems like a tasteless attempt at getting attention and publicity. Be it her meat dress, the womb or be the entire debacle she started with her song ‘Judas.’ Now the poker face singer has come up with yet another stunt that maybe crossed the line between edgy and appalling. In a short clip released from her documentary Gaga by Gaultier, the Lady along with the French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier has taken it a bit too far. The 25-year-old dressed up as a nun, while 59-year-old Gaultier dressed up as a priest, before the singer kneeled on a chair to be ‘spanked’ by the Frenchman.

  • Harry Potter Vs Star Wars: Similarities Or Coincidence?

    Forget Harry Potter Vs Twilight – It’s all about Harry Potter Vs Star Wars! With the recent release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2,” Harry Potter is all the rage at movie theaters around the world – again. On Friday morning the film destroyed the record for best midnight release ever, pulling in $43.5 million from midnight shows, according to studio estimates. The previous record was held by none other than “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” which came out last summer and earned around $30 million for its midnight screening. MORE

  • Mark Cuban Joins Season 3 Of ‘Shark Tank’

    Mark Cuban has been thrown into the “Shark Tank!” The Dallas Mavericks’ owner signs on for 10 of 13 episodes in season 3 of the business reality show. Mark Cuban is the ideal businessman. His team (the Dallas Mavericks), which he’s spent millions and millions of dollars on in an effort to win the NBA Championship, has finally done it, having won the title this past season. He’s on top of the world, and now he’s joining…“Shark Tank”? MORE

  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2: It All Ends Review

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I was the fastest-paced and most action-filled of the movies as it thunders through the last third of the 759-page book With an escape from Gringotts Bank, flying dragons, an attack on the Hogwarts castle, a flight through the Room of Requirement and, of course, the final duels – but with the last installment releasing today, the decade long friendship with Harry Potter comes to an end all over again with the movies. MORE

  • Oh No Mom! Kim Kardashian’s Mom Gets A Facelift Weeks Before Her Wedding

    Just weeks to go for her wedding and it isn’t just Kim Kardashian who is worrying about her big day but apparently her mom too! While Kim whips herself into shape with several workout routines and polishes herself with pedicures, it appears her mom has taken the direct route and gotten herself a facelift! The 55-year old Kris Jenner now looks very rested and perfect as younger daughter Khloe accidentally revealed about her mom’s facelift. MORE

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