• More Pain = More Speed

    Imagine being able to run at the speed of light, but only if you are in immense pain. As you inflict more pain upon yourself, you are able to manipulate your body into going faster.

  • Super Arms, Normal Skeleton

    Your arms are strong enough to lift anything, but unfortunately if you lift anything too heavy, your arms will be pulled out of their sockets because you do not possess a super skeletal structure.

  • Excreting Faecal Matter

    The ability to excrete faecal matter through the pores of your skin. Another downside… you cannot stop your power.

  • Sonic Scream & Super Hearing

    A common power shared by many, a loud sonic scream can stop the deadliest of foes. But there is also a reason why many that possess this power don’t have super hearing.

  • Shape Shift, In The Mirror

    You can take any form you want to, but only your reflection shows the form, not your physical body.