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    10 Songs I Feel Dirty For Listening To

    There is some music I can't listen to without feeling dirty about for one reason or another. These are those songs.

    1. Samantha Fox - Touch Me

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    If you listen to this and don't do it with headphones, people that walk by will probably think you're watching porn.

    2. Berlin - Sex (I'm A...)

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    Just listen to the song... everything is so dirty. There's moaning and shit, and talking about wrapping her body around things.

    3. Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now

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    Oh Tiffany... you can't fool me by having Gumby in the video clip. You dirty minx.

    4. Donna Summer - I Feel Love

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    This version of the song makes me feel dirty mainly because of the video clip for a cover version of it. The video clip has about 50 naked women draped about under showers caressing each other. This is all I think about now when I hear this song.

    5. Liz Phair - Hot White Cum

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    I cannot hear this song without wanting to nail Liz Phair. Nail her really fucking hard. Every man on Earth should get that feeling after hearing this song.

    6. Fiona Apple - Criminal

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    You know that feeling you get after going home from the pub with that girl who isn't that great looking only to find out when you wake up that she is a junkie and she took you back to her dealers house to fuck you and take your wallet to pay for her drugs which she is shooting up in front of you as you wake up...?

    ...yeah, this song and this video clip is like that for me.

    7. Chic - Everybody Dance

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    Have you seen Summer of Sam? Watching John Leguizamo doing chicks in an orgy is just wrong.

    8. Bikini Kill - Suck My Left One

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    Any song with lyrics implying a father raping his daughter should make people feel dirty. The combination of the daughter wanting to be raped though is what makes it even dirtier.

    9. The Runaways - Cherry Bomb

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    As if Hound Dog didn't make me feel uncomfortable about Dakota Fanning enough... along came a movie where she plays an underage sexy rock icon like Cherie Currie. Sadly, now I can't think of this song without thinking of Dakota Fanning shaking her tits in lingerie.

    10. John Williamson - Home Among The Gum Trees

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    I can't listen to ANYTHING by John Williamson without feeling dirty. Here's why.

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