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28 Beautiful Alternatives For People Who Can't Wear Traditional Wedding Rings

If you can't wear a regular band on the job, one of these options might be the perfect fit.

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Gold, silver, and platinum bands are beautiful, classic symbols of commitment — but what if you can't wear one on the job? Maybe you can't have anything conductive, or need something that won't burn your finger when exposed to high heat, or a ring that won't mangle your finger if you're in an accident. Make sure you find out specifically what's safe to wear, but one of these bands could be exactly the material you're looking for to show your commitment.

1. QALO Silicone Band / Via

A 100% silicone ring. These could even be worn while working out at the gym in place of your usual band. Find them here for $15.99 and up.

2. SafeRingz Silicone Band

According to their website, these are are nonconductive and use a unique metallic pigment that closely mimics gold, silver, and other metallic colors. You can find them from $6.99 and up here.


Tattoos or necklaces can be great options if you can't wear a wedding band at all. A tattoo is a subtle — or not so subtle, whichever you prefer — way of showing your commitment. Necklaces can be the perfect way to display your devotion if you can't wear a band or don't want to get inked.

13. Matching Roman Numeral Wedding Date Tattoos

14. Día de Muertos–Inspired Matching Tattoos

16. Harry Potter–Themed Patronus Tattoos

17. Elegant Matching Love Tattoos

19. King and Queen of Hearts Tattoos


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