I am a unique and beautiful snowflake surrounded by an infinite number of unique and beautiful snowflakes. I am a paradox: important by being a part of an infinite universe and completely irrelevant in the vastness of it.
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    • candiceadamsr

      This is probably the last thing I’m going to say about the console war between PS4 and XboxOne because my ability to give a shit has just about run out. But that’s the point of what I’m about to say. I am not someone would normally give a shit about any of this. The hardcore gamers who are in a panty twist over xbox need to realize that they aren’t the target demographic for the xbox system anymore. I AM. I don’t spend hours playing video games. As someone who just learned how to walk in a first person shooter game a year ago, the kinect was a welcome relief (no controller!!!) Mark plays video games a lot more than I do, although he doesn’t consider himself a “gamer” either. But if he were, and came to me saying that he wanted to spend $400 of our collective money on a PS4, we would probably eventually get it because I love him, but it would probably be a year from now when the thing went on sale or when we could buy one used. Instead, I’ve watched not only one, but TWO press conferences about the xbox one release. It’s $500, but for an all-in-one entertainment system that does more than just play video games, I can see the value. While we won’t buy it on the first day, once the reviews have come out from actual game play, we’ll still probably try to buy one this year or early next. Microsoft has figured out how to appeal to an untapped market of “casual gamers.” People who would have NEVER given a shit about this before are now tuning in….to xbox, NOT playstation. Mark’s brother Jason Absher lives in Miami, and the we probably talk to him more through the xbox than anywhere else, so having built in skype capabilities sounds awesome to me. When my dad was still alive, we used to watch TV shows together and talk about them on the phone. If he were still here, I would have totally watched TV and skyped with him at the same time. This is how NORMAL people use technology. Right now, the conversation is being dominated by gamers because average people don’t have video game blogs. However, when the money is all counted, I have a feeling that Microsoft will emerge the victor because they appealed to a larger audience. To put it in other terms, hardcore gamers are the loudly protesting tea party extremists, and Microsoft is appealing to the centrists. AND I’M OUT! *drops the mic*

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