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22 Things Women Should Never Be Ashamed Of

Shame shouldn't be a part of your game.

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1. "Splurging" on dessert.


Chocolate is good for you.

2. Showing off your body.



3. Not working out.

Bravo / Via

Shit happens.

4. Not wanting to have sex.

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Times when you HAVE to have sex: literally never.

5. Or wanting to have lots of sex.


We all have needs.

6. Embracing being a woman and your femininity.

7. Hair in general.

Universal Pictures

Let it grow, shave it off, who f*cking cares?

8. Speaking your mind.


Your opinion always matters.

9. Focusing on your family rather than your career.

10. Focusing on your career rather than raising a family.

USA Network

Repeat after me: It's your choice.

11. Being naturally skinny or naturally curvy.

12. Being a feminist.


Women should have the same rights as men. Period.

13. Going without makeup.



14. Your post-pregnancy body.

15. Breast-feeding.

16. Wanting a say in what happens to your body.


^^^ That pretty much sums it up.

17. Being emotional.


The world needs more compassion.

18. Treating yourself every once in a while.

NBC / Via

You deserve it.

19. The amount of people you have or have not slept with.

Bravo / Via

The number of people whose business this is: zero.

20. Asking for a raise.

HBO / Via

You work HARD, girl.

21. Texting someone first or asking someone out.

Paramount Pictures

Ain't nobody got time to wait around.

22. Having confidence and feeling beautiful. / Via

Take that selfie, you are fantastic.

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