22 Things Women Should Never Be Ashamed Of

Shame shouldn’t be a part of your game.

1. “Splurging” on dessert.


Chocolate is good for you.

2. Showing off your body.


3. Not working out.

Shit happens.

4. Not wanting to have sex.

Times when you HAVE to have sex: literally never.

5. Or wanting to have lots of sex.

We all have needs.

6. Embracing being a woman and your femininity.

There’s nothing more beautiful than who you are.

7. Hair in general.

Universal Pictures

Let it grow, shave it off, who f*cking cares?

8. Speaking your mind.

Your opinion always matters.

9. Focusing on your family rather than your career.

Repeat after me: It’s your choice.

10. Focusing on your career rather than raising a family.

USA Network

Repeat after me: It’s your choice.

11. Being naturally skinny or naturally curvy.

Your size doesn’t determine your beauty.

12. Being a feminist.


Women should have the same rights as men. Period.

13. Going without makeup.


14. Your post-pregnancy body.

Your body literally just created a miracle. And that’s damn awesome.

15. Breast-feeding.

Your body, your choice. More power to you, mama.

16. Wanting a say in what happens to your body.


^^^ That pretty much sums it up.

17. Being emotional.

The world needs more compassion.

18. Treating yourself every once in a while.

You deserve it.

19. The amount of people you have or have not slept with.

The number of people whose business this is: zero.

20. Asking for a raise.

HBO / Via medium.com

You work HARD, girl.

21. Texting someone first or asking someone out.

Paramount Pictures

Ain’t nobody got time to wait around.

22. Having confidence and feeling beautiful.

Take that selfie, you are fantastic.

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