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    22 Things Women Are Just Not In The Mood For

    Makeup is not your friend.

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    1. Trying out your new waterproof liquid eyeliner on an important picture day.

    2. Sneezing right after putting on mascara.

    3. Starting your period and not having a tampon.

    4. Shedding. So much shedding.

    5. Getting all your circulation cut off by your bra.

    6. Remembering you haven't shaved your legs in days right as you walk into your pedicure appointment.

    7. Rubbing your eyes before you remember you have eye makeup on.

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    8. Discovering that your leggings are see through after wearing them in public.

    9. Having your makeup brush leave tiny hairs ALL OVER you.

    10. Mood swings.

    11. Finding out you have a hole in something you JUST bought.

    12. When a cool breeze hits you and you nip in front of everyone at the office.

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    13. Trying to do any physical activity in a dress.

    14. This.

    15. Trying on your favorite pants only to discover they won't zip.

    16. Discovering you've synced up with your friends and you're all miserable.

    17. Getting stabbed by your bra.

    18. Having something you say be called "cute."

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    19. Trying out a new lipstick and getting it EVERYWHERE.

    20. Working hard on your hair and walking outside to a humid hell.

    21. Trying to shave your legs in a hurry and cutting yourself over and over.

    22. Being catcalled.

    Excuse me, can you shut up so I can get on with the rest of my day? K. Bye.

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